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Fantasy Premier League GW 7: 5 Best Picks

With games getting more and more intense and the surprises piling up, FPL is getting harder to predict. There are some players who are performing well on a consistent basis and here are some of the best picks based on those consistencies. 

Last updated: 25.09.2019
Fantasy Premier League GW 7: 5 Best Picks | Sports Social Blog

FPL waits for no one as the Premier League is going to roll around in a few days. Now, with Arsenal’s comeback, Manchester United’s defeat and the fresh faces of Leicester(kind of), West Ham and Bournemouth in the top 6, FPL is getting trickier to play. The number of constants is far less than previous seasons and while the games are becoming more and more enjoyable to watch, this constant chaos is making it tricky to get a large no. of points in FPL. That being said, there are some players who are performing well week in and week out and hence, these are some of the top picks for FPL.


#1. John Lundstram (Sheffield United;DEF):


Lundstram’s greatest advantage in the Fantasy Premier League is that he’s a midfielder in actuality. That makes him more prone to making assists and going on the offensive and all those factors help him gain more points than the usual defender. Just in the latest Gameweek, he scored 12 points. While a loss is predicted considering Sheffield is up against Liverpool, the Reds have managed only 1 Clean sheet so far. A goal from Sheffield is a little more likely than you’d think and Lundstram can easily dip his toes into that goal. Also, because of his low price range of £4.4 million and that fact that he’s a midfielder makes him a great long-term buy.



#2. Callum Wilson (Bournemouth; FWD)


A lot of things are influencing this pick. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of negatives when it comes to picking Callum Wilson for your team. Bournemouth has been performing well and he will definitely be a great long-term investment. He is cheap right now at £7.8 million and is one of the highest points getters in FPL. Finally, he has yet to have a match where he’s scored below 5 points. Wilson has had a direct goal contribution in every single match so far. So consistency and a low price point makes him an essential buy.


#3. John McGinn (Aston Villa; MID)


While Aston Villa has been giving out poor performances, John McGinn has performed consistently well. Even in the recent loss against Arsenal, McGinn scored 10 points. He has also played the full 90 minutes in every match so far. McGinn has had 2 goals and 1 assist so far and 3 matches where he scored 5+ points, 2 of which were defeats. He’s very cheap at £5.6 million as well. So a cheap player who performs extremely well, even in matches where his team loses. That is quite an underrated asset.


#4. Tammy Abraham (Chelsea; FWD)


There’s no reason to not go for this. Chelsea’s upcoming matches are against Brighton, Southampton, Newcastle, Burnley and Watford. The tricky ones out of those are Southampton and Burnley. Brighton has not won a match in the last 5 games and Chelsea has won twice and did not perform poorly against Liverpool despite the 2-1 loss. Tammy Abraham is one of the top scorers in the league; in fact he’s second after Sergio Aguero. He has scored 7 out of Chelsea’s 12 goals so far. Last but not least, he’s only £7.4 million. Get him before the price increases drastically.


#5. Lukasz Fabianski (West Ham United; GK)


Simple reasons for this pick. West Ham is playing well and more importantly, Fabianski managed 3 Clean Sheets in the last 3 games. He makes a decent no. of saves in almost every game. There has been only one game so far where he’s had less than 3 saves. At £5 million, he’s far from being an expensive keeper as well. Looking at all these factors, he seems to be a great choice, possibly even long-term.

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