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Five most relegated clubs of the Premier League era

Here we take a look at the top five most relegated clubs of the premier league era. West Bromwich Albion's demotion to the Premier League was reaffirmed and they were relegated to the Championship after being promoted last season.

Last updated: 16.07.2021
Five most relegated clubs of the Premier League era

West Bromwich Albion's demotion to the Premier League was reaffirmed once more this season, as they were relegated to the Championship after being promoted last season. The club's survival seems to be going back and forth, as they have been annual promotion and relegation challengers depending on the league they have found themself in. So here we take a look at some other teams who have found themselves in the up and down race over time.

Bolton Wanderers – 10

For most of its early existence, Bolton swung between the top two divisions, but with promotions in 1934/35, they enjoyed a 24-season run in the top flight. After spending the following three decades in the lower division, Bolton achieved three promotions and two relegations in just nine years during the Premier League era, before a period of stability that began during the era of Sam Allardyce and continued 11 years. Bolton was relegated from the Premier League in 2011/12, and the team has yet to recover, having dropped down the divisions due to financial constraints.

Manchester City – 10

Manchester City's incredible success over the last decade has made the prospect of demotion seem like a fading memory, with the team winning five Premier League titles from 2012. Nonetheless, precisely three clubs have ever been demoted from the Premier League more than Manchester City. Three of their relegations occurred during an up-and-down era in the late 1990s and early 2000s, but the Manchester City side has survived in the top flight since achieving promotions under Kevin Keegan in 2001/02.

Leicester – 11

Leicester is tied for second in terms of top-flight relegation battles, having been relegated 11 times, three of which have occurred since the Premier League's start. The Foxes suffered their first demotion in their first season at the highest level of English football, with an immediate return to Division 2 following their debut season in the top division in 1908/09. Leicester have lived practically their entire history in the top two divisions, having been demoted twice in the 1930s. Since regaining promotion to the Premier League in 2013/14, the team has come on leaps and bounds, winning their first-ever top-flight title in 2016 and becoming consistent European qualifying candidates.

West Brom – 11

The team was relegated from the Premier League for the first time this season, with Sam Allardyce, the Premier League's most famous firefighter, unable to maintain his team in the tournament. This season's immediate relegation to the Championship marks the club's sixth in the Premier League's history, with no team having ever achieved more (Norwich also have five).

Birmingham – 12

Between 1979 and 1986, the Blues were demoted 3 times in eight seasons, and they have previously been demoted three times in the Premier League era. The first occurred after a four-year stay in the Premier League, followed by four-division changes in four seasons, including two relegations followed by immediate promotions back to the Premier League. Birmingham's most recent relegation was in 2010/11 when the club made Premier League history by being the first team to win a major trophy and then be demoted in the same season.

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