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Is Alexis Sanchez going to elevate Inter Milan?

Will Sanchez end Juventus' Serie A title-run with Inter Milan or is it going to be the same as last year again?

Last updated: 30.09.2019
Is Alexis Sanchez going to elevate Inter Milan? | Sports Social Blog

When it comes to football, few clubs are as prestigious as Inter Milan. After all, it is the only club to have played in all 88 seasons of the Serie A. It has a mountain of championships thanks to years and years of fantastic football delivered by great players. After Juventus, the Italian club (joined with AC Milan) has won the Serie A the most number of times. It also has the distinction of being one of just seven clubs to have won the European treble aside from being the only Italian club of those seven as well. This was in large not only due to brilliant players like Wesley Sneijder, Maicon, Milito, etc but also the management of Jose Mourinho. Over the club’s tenure in Italy, it has been home to a large number of the world’s best players like Sandro Mezzola, Esteban Cambiasso, Javier Zanetti and Julio Cesar just to name a few. But over the past 9 years or so that followed after their Treble glory, the well of trophies has run completely dry with Juventus running the show single-handedly. In light of that Inter Milan has made some high profile transfers this window, one of which was Lukaku and the other one being his teammate over on English soil, Alexis Sanchez.


The Current Situation for Inter Milan:


It has been quite an ecstatic beginning to the Serie A for Internazionale fans. For the first time in a long while, their teams is at the top of the table with a whopping 6 back-to-back victories. Their Lukaku signing seems to have paid off, with the Belgian scoring 4 goals so far. While Juventus is just 2 points away and undefeated as well, Inter Milan is certainly enjoying the elusive top spot.


Alexis Sanchez’s unpredictability:


It wasn’t too long ago that Alexis Sanchez was one of the best forwards in the world. He even won the Copa America with Chile. He simply has a keen eye for goal. He is a clever and creative opportunist and his finishing was a joy to watch. He oozed confidence and was feared the defence which is why he earned a very lucrative contract with Man United, making him their highest earner. Unfortunately for United, Sanchez didn’t work out too well, having scored just 3 goals in 32 matches. Very disappointing for a club that bought him for the primary reason that they expected around 20 goals from him in the season, which is what he did for Arsenal in 2016-17. There were also a lot of injury woes so his game count was low. Eventually Man United loaned him out to Inter Milan in this window and the unpredictability just keeps piling up. So in the end, we have a player who had both great and an average season for Arsenal, a poor career with Man United and more-or-less great careers with Barcelona and the Chilean national team. Seems predicting Alexis Sanchez’s career trajectory is near impossible. All you can really say is that at the end of the day, he ultimately is a very talented forward, being so quick and creative as a forward.


Recent match and final thoughts:


As indicated by mentioning the fact that they’ve won all their games so far, Inter Milan did win their most recent match against Sampdoria 3-1. Sanchez did score in his first start and while it wasn’t the belter that was Sensi’s goal it did showcase his sense of positioning, which for a forward is essential. On a negative note, Sanchez did get a red card as well for simulation, sort of reversing a lot of the greatness that he brought. While Inter Milan did win and Sanchez did score, people are not exactly pinning their hopes on Sanchez. There’s a lot of worry regarding how well he’ll perform given the red card. Looking at his performance as a whole though and not just concentrating on the card, you can definitely say that he looked very sharp and hungry. His sharpness and tenacity is something they will need if they want to put an end to Juve’s title run. If he can maintain that sharpness when he comes back from suspension and refine his style of play, him and Inter will at least give Juventus a run for it’s money.


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