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Jetro Willems: Bound for Bigger Clubs?

Netherlands has been synonymous with quality football practically since the inception of the game.Jetro Willems has been brilliant since the beginning of the season. Will he find greener pastures, stay at Newcastle or go back to Frankfurt?

Last updated: 16.12.2019
Jetro Willems | Sports Social Blog

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Netherlands has been synonymous with quality football practically since the inception of the game. The nation has produced all time greats like Johan Cryff, Marco Van Basten and Ruud Gullit to more recent legends like Robin Van Persie and Arjen Robben. Naturally it came as a bit of a shock when they didn’t qualify for the 2018 World Cup given the long standing pedigree of talent. But since the World Cup, the nation seems determined to regain its’ position as the most elite of footballing nations given the rate at which it is churning out out players. Jetro Willems is an example of that. The man from Newcastle is showing some serious mettle this season, shattering past expectations in a lot of games. He has become one of the most consistent full-backs in the league.

Given the string of great performances, where is this loanee from Eintracht Frankfurt headed in the future? 


The Talent and Skill:

Willems has proven himself to be impeccable on the left flank. He seems to be a complete player and if guided properly the sky seems to be the limit for this 25-year old. He has heavy reserves of stamina, which is practically necessary for a good fullback. He shows a great amount of raw strength often winning tussles with other players, giving him an edge in ball control. His passing, especially concerning the long through balls has been sharp and precise. Last but not least, there’s his dribbling. He’s very quick and his uses it to great effect when it comes to dribbling with his strength also playing a huge role in it. You often see him making  brilliant runs on the left trying to assist his teammates. He’s quick enough to also run back to defend and try to thwart the attack, which he proved to be quite successful in, in the Man United game. His shooting from distance is also nothing to scoff at, his thumping goal against Liverpool being a highlight.


Willems has put up decent numbers especially considering how inconsistent Newcastle has been throughout the season. He’s scored 2 goals and 2 assists so far. He averages 0.9 shots, 0.7 key passes and 1.1 dribbles. The no. of shots is all the more impressive given that he’s a fullback. Naturally he’s no slouch in defence either, the highlight being the fact that he has averaged 2.2 tackles and 2.1 clearances per game. 

What the Future Could Hold:

It’s clear that a lot of the positive things at Newcastle have come out of Jetro Willems. The Man United game was probably the best example, where he proved completely dominant in his flank. That being said, it’s highly unlikely that Newcastle will be able to retain him. Him going back to Eintracht Frankfurt seems less likely. Newcastle could pay a hefty fee to transfer him away from Frankfurt. It’s not hard to seem him go to either Real Madrid or Barcelona. Both of the teams’ main full-backs are in their 30’s and showing signs that maybe they are not as strong as they were a few seasons back. He could be alternated with players like Ferland Mendy over at Real. A transfer to Arsenal could be just as likely with the same thing being done with him and Tierney. Tottenham could also be a potential destination for the Dutchman, given that Vertonghen is primarily playing left back for the past few games and is in his 30’s as well. A lot of options for Jetro Willems. 


Jetro Willems is one of those players that is really proving himself this season. He’s been one of the most consistent players, especially in the bottom half. He’s really making a name for himself as one of the key fullbacks of the Premier League. He’s still fairly young at 25 and with a little bit of direction, the Dutchman could prove to be an incredible footballing asset for whichever team keeps him.

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