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Left backs who should make the Premier League Hall of Fame

We decided to take a look at another frequently ignored area, the top left-backs of the Premier League era who should make the Premier League Hall of Fame.

Last updated: 27.07.2021
Left backs who should make the Premier League Hall of Fame

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With Shearer and Henry at the lead, the Premier League's newly-formed Hall of Fame welcomed its first inductees a few months ago. The league has recently issued a 23-man shortlist to join Shearer and Henry on the list of heroes. We decided to take a look at another frequently ignored area, the top left-backs of the Premier League era after examining some of the best goalkeepers worthy of consideration.

Denis Irwin

Denis Irwin, the former Manchester United defender, was a left-back who could play on both sides of the field, with dependable defensive talents and high-quality attacking production in the opposition third. Irwin was quiet and reserved, but he was consistently great and at ease in both full-back positions, with his crossing and set-piece ability being a big weapon. Among his many achievements, the former Ireland international won seven Premier League titles and the Champions League.


Stuart Pearce

Pearce's renowned touch-tackling and relentless manner, terrified opposing wide men, and his best football came during a 12-year stay at Nottingham Forest, during which he made 401 league games. Pearce lacked elegance but possessed a bludgeoning left foot, which allowed the former Forest captain to score 20 league goals throughout his time in the Premier League. In 1990 and 1996, he was a member of the English teams who reached the World Cup and European Championship semi-finals, respectively.

Ashley Cole

Ashley Cole has been the template for the modern full-back, with a one-on-one skillset that was nearly unrivalled. Cole began his career as a forward before being shifted to a defensive position, but he maintained his forward abilities by sprinting down the left flank to join the offensive.

With the Gunners, he won two league titles and three FA Cups, and he was a member of the Invincible team in 2003/04. He won another league title and the Champions League after moving to Chelsea, for a total of eight major honours during his career.

Patrice Evra

The France international assimilated into the club's ethos and then became a popular fan hero thanks to his outgoing enthusiasm and devotion, which he combined with outstanding technical ability and agility. Evra's powerful temperament made him a crucial element of probably Sir Alex Ferguson's final great team at Manchester United, as he rampaged down the left flank at a rapid pace before offering exquisite delivery. He was the recipient of nine major awards, including five league trophies and the Champions League.

Andy Robertson

He will surely have to wait for a few days before he could have his inclusion in the hall of fame because only retired players are being considered there. After joining Liverpool from relegated Hull, the left-back has had a meteoric ascent, winning the Champions League and the Premier League, the latter with a record-breaking 99 points. Robertson has set new benchmarks for full-back production, averaging double digits in assists in each of the last two seasons (2018/19 and 2019/20), and is already third in the all-time list of Premier League defender assists.

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