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News and stories from the soccer world

What has been going on in the world of soccer? So much! Read on to find out some of the latest news and stories, and see how they might affect the latest soccer odds.

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 21.12.2021
News and stories from the soccer world

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Like New York City,  the world of soccer never sleeps. There is always a breaking story emerging or a piece of breaking news to unpack. It keeps soccer fans on their toes, meaning they have to be reliant on their smartphones to keep abreast of all the latest action. It also means they need to pay close attention to the betting markets, to keep sure the odds for their teams aren’t changing too much due to recent news stories.

Betting on soccer can be a lot of fun if you know what you are doing. By using free sports picks, you can find the latest odds on all the top action. For instance, in the upcoming fixture between Liverpool and Newcastle, where Jurgen Klopp’s men are currently the clear betting favourite, with odds of -770. This looks as close to a sure thing as there ever is in sports betting, but of course, nothing is certain when betting on soccer.



What else has been going on in the world of soccer? So much! Read on to find out some of the latest news and stories, and see how they might affect the latest soccer odds.

COVID outbreak causing havoc amongst Premier League teams

During March of 2020, all of the major soccer leagues, including the English Premier League, were postponed, as the sporting world tried to come up with a plan with how to carry on amid the pandemic. Soon enough, soccer began to come back, as by June the Premier League had restarted. Liverpool, who were the overwhelming oddsmakers favourites to win the league before the lockdown, did just that, with several games to spare.


Now, 18 months later, it looks like the virus is coming back to cause trouble in England once again, as the case numbers rise exponentially. So far, 5 matches have been called off; Brighton vs Tottenham, Brentford vs Manchester United, Burnley vs Watford, Leicester vs Tottenham and Man United vs Brighton. Fears are that this number is only going to rise in the coming days and weeks, especially with a very congested fixture list between now and the end of the year.


It is really causing havoc in the betting market as well. Manchester United fans were eager to see their side play Brighton, as they were the clear 1 / 2 favourites in the betting odds to win this match. With the rescheduled date yet to be announced, these odds could change drastically by the time the game actually takes place.

Where will Haaland end up?

Without a doubt, one of the hottest properties right now in European football is Erling Haaland. Since bursting onto the scene a few years ago, he has gone from strength to strength, becoming an absolute lethal striker, who is not only becoming a great goalscorer, but the scorer of great goals.


He made his name at Red Bull Salzburg, before sealing a big money move to Borussia Dortmund in 2019. Since his time in Germany, he has averaged a goal a game, finding the net 53 times in 53 matches. It is truly phenomenal, especially for a player who theoretically is some years away from his peak.


While Dortmund are a big side, there is already talk of where his next move will be. Thousands of people are scouring the betting markets trying to find the best odds on where the Norwegian will end up. These odds do change frequently, but right now it appears that PSG are the current bookmakers favourite, with odds of 6/1. Not far behind are Manchester City, who are 9/1, whilst Bayern Munich are the 3rd favourites, with betting odds of 12/1. Both PSG and City make sense, given their enormous wealth, whilst Bayern have a history of taking Dortmund’s best players off their hands.


Wherever he ends up, he is sure to score goals at an almost unbelievable rate.

Who is going to be crowned Champions in the Premier League?

This is the question that is on the minds of many soccer fans right now. It is looking incredibly tight at the top of the Premier League, with Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea separated by just 2 points.


Given we are less than half way through the season, some would feel that is far too early to make a clear judgment call on the outcome, as so much could change between now and then. In addition, the betting odds are also quite unclear right now, as there doesn’t appear to be a clear favourite.


What we can say is that at the time of writing, you can find odds of 8/15 for Manchester City to retain their title, with Liverpool 11/4, with Chelsea just behind at 6/1. Of course these could have changed by the time you’re reading this, which just goes to show how unpredictable this Premier League season is right now.

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