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Top 5 oldest goalscorers in Premier League History

Here, we will take a look at the top 5 oldest goalscorers in Premier League history. Not only playing but also scoring in one of the physically toughest leagues says a lot about these professionals.

Last updated: 22.08.2021
oldest goalscorers in Premier League History

As they say, age is no bar to achieving anything in your life. Football too has given us many life lessons and taught us values such as never to give up. In the age, where we see young players not working hard enough, there are also some players whose only goal is to keep on playing the sport. We have seen many veterans in football history who inspired everyone through their spirit of never giving up.

Here, we will take a look at the top 5 oldest goalscorers in Premier League history. Not only playing but also scoring in one of the physically toughest leagues says a lot about these professionals.

1. Teddy Sheringham (40 Years, 268 Days)

Match: West Ham vs Portsmouth, 26th December 2006

Teddy Sheringham, one of the most decorated names in English Football history holds this prestigious record. A seasoned professional across the Premier League, having played for clubs like Millwall, Nottingham, Manchester United, Portsmouth, and Tottenham, got this record while playing for West Ham. Sheringham signed for West Ham at the age of 38 and helped the Championship side to get promoted to the Premier League.

The Hammers offered him a contract extension and a chance to play in the 2005/06 Premier League season where he broke the record for being the oldest goalscorer. Sheringham went on to add 5 more to take the number further ahead. Teddy then signed an additional year of contract extension for the 2006/07 season and that’s where he scored the goal which is in the record books. On Boxing Day in 2006, Sheringham came on at half-time for the struggling Hammers and scored the record goal against Portsmouth, which was eventually his last goal contribution. The decorated footballer hung up his boots at the age of 42 after one final year at Colchester.


2. Dean Windass (39 Years, 236 Days)

Match: Portsmouth vs Hull City, 22nd November 2008

Dean Windass getting on the list of top 5 oldest goalscorers has an interesting backstory. Having played for Bradford City and Middlesbrough in the Premier League, Windass returned to Hull City, his hometown club in the 2007/08 season. Hull City at the time was in the Championship and were aiming to get promoted to the Premier League for the first time in the club’s 104- year history. As it turned out, it was Dean Windass who scored the winner in the Championship final to send his hometown club to the Premier League.

In the Premier League, Windass was not a nailed-on starter and fell down the pecking order. However, he came on regularly as a substitute. In one such game, Hull City was trailing 2-1 to Portsmouth when Windass headed the ball towards the goal but the Portsmouth defender accidentally touched it into the net and it was deemed as an own goal. Windass claimed that it was his goal and after a decision by the ‘Dubious Goals Committee’, he was eventually awarded the goal after a dramatic decision. With the decision, Dean Windass became the second-oldest player to score in the Premier League history.

3. Ryan Giggs (39 Years, 87 Days)

Match: Queens Park Rangers vs Manchester United, 23rd February 2013

Ryan Giggs, the man who has won it all and arguably the most decorated player in the Premier League history, holds third place in this list. It is rare in Premier League records to not have Giggs name on the list. Ryan Giggs, who played for Manchester United from 1992 to 2013, scored in his first 21 consecutive seasons. Although playing across the midfield in various roles, Giggs was a regular contributor during the glory days for Manchester United.

The goal which got him his record came in the 2013 Premier League season. Ryan Giggs scored past QPR in a 2-0 away win to become the 3rd oldest goalscorer in Premier League history. It was also Sir Alex Ferguson’s last season in charge during which Giggs and co. lifted their last of Premier League titles.

4. Stuart Pearce (38 Years, 216 Days)

Match: Southampton vs West Ham United, 25th November 2000

Stuart Pearce the famous-infamous name in English Football also has a place in these records. Stuart Pearce who made his name playing for Newcastle and Nottingham Forest, made his move to West Ham where he got the record. His performance also got him a national team call-up during 1999-2000. In his final season in the Premier League, Pearce scored twice, the second of which got him the record.

Stuart Pearce scored from the edge of the box against Southampton to put West Ham 2-1 up and also get the record. Pearce and co. eventually won the game 3-2. Stuart then moved on to Manchester City and ended up with 99 goals for the club. It was the last time everyone saw Stuart Pearce play.

5. Graham Alexander (38 Years, 183 Days)

Match: Hull City vs Burnley, 10th April 2010

Graham Alexander, the joint record holder for longest career in English Football also holds a place in this list. Alexander spent most of his career in the lower leagues but got a chance to play for Burnley in the Championship. They were promoted to the Premier League and that is when he got the record. Graham Alexander was a reliable penalty taker so most of his goals came from penalties.

During the 2009/10 season, Burnley fought for relegation. One such match against relegation fighters Hull City became a crucial one to stay afloat in the Premier League. Graham Alexander scored twice from the spot, with the second striker giving him the record of 5th oldest goalscorer in Premier League history. Burnley eventually won the match 4-1 but they were relegated. Graham Alexander ended his career with Preston in 2012.

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