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Our dark horse picks across all major football leagues

Let’s take a look at some of the potential dark horses across the major football leagues this season. Part of that excitement comes from the fact that the dark horse team always has a chance.

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 24.08.2021
Our dark horse picks across all major football leagues

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Many people who aren’t fans of the game make fun of football because it is such a low scoring game. How can it be exciting if after 90 minutes the score is only 2-1 when in sports like basketball and cricket the points can be in the hundreds? However, anyone who has watched a few good matches knows just how exciting football can be. Part of that excitement comes from the fact that the dark horse team always has a chance.


Football is an incredibly popular betting sport because even when it seems like there is no way that a team can lose, it’s always possible for the underdogs to change the course of the game with a quick goal or an impressive save. According to, part of the appeal in modern online sports betting is that you don’t have to bet on which team will win, you can bet on any range of things like who will score first, how many goals there will be, or even on whether or not there will be any on-field antics, like a flop. Still, many people enjoy a classic who will win bet, so let’s take a look at some of the potential dark horses across the major football leagues this season.



Premier League


This year, Leicester City is the dark horse of the English Premier League. Since their meteoric rise from a third-tier team to the winners of the Premier League in just seven years, Leicester City have been an exciting team to watch. Their performances are sometimes erratic, which may explain why they have hovered near the middle of the table for a few years. This year, however, Brendan Rogers seems poised to push his team to great things.


La Liga


When people talk about La Liga, all attention is focused on Barcelona, Atlético Madrid and Real Madrid. Since these three teams have won the title almost every year, that’s understandable. This year though, Sevilla F.C. has the potential to win its first title since 1945. Last year’s UEFA Europa League Cup winners are building momentum under manager Julen Lopetegui. Sevilla’s strong showing against Rayo Vallecano in the season opener where they won 3-0 has possibly given fans a taste of what’s in store this year.


Serie A


Milan dominated Serie A this past season, with Inter Milan winning the title and A.C. Milan finishing second, ending Juventus’ winning streak. Southern Italy has struggled in recent decades to produce a team that can compete with their Northern rivals. This might be the year for A.S. Roma to change that. José Mourinho is only in his first season with the club, but his dynamic managerial style could provide the reinvigoration the team needs to rise to the top.


Dutch Eredivisie


For such a small country, the Netherlands is a football powerhouse. If the covid season had counted, A.Z. Alkmaar could very well have been the champions last year. The club’s history has included a series of highs and lows, they have never just hung at the middle of the table for long. This season, their chances of winning the league are increased by the presence of two young brothers: Teun and Peer Koopmeiners. At only 23, Teun has already contributed to his team's success in both domestic and international play, and his leadership skills have landed him the captaincy. Having such a young captain might give A.Z. Alkmaar the energy they need to fly past their competitors.




The Brazilian football league is one of the most exciting to watch and contains some of the greatest teams in the world. Out of these teams, São Paulo FC looks primed to steal the title. The last decade has been hard on a team that was one of the most successful teams in Brazil, but last season things began to change for them. Under new management, São Paulo looks set to return to their former glory.


Major League Soccer


Over the last 20 years, football has firmly taken hold in the United States. A league that was initially considered a bit of a joke has grown and improved to the point where they can stand among the other major leagues around the world. One of the younger teams in MLS, Orlando City S.C. are the underdogs this season. Only joining in 2015, Orlando hasn’t had much time to make its mark. While many teams really struggled to cope with the pandemic, Orlando appears to have used the disrupted season as a time to pull the team into a cohesive and effective unit. It will be interesting to see if they can maintain the unity they’ve built and how that will be rewarded.

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