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Premier League 2021-22 Prize Money Breakdown and Distribution

Here take a look at the premier league 2021-22 prize money breakdown and distribution. The English Premier League prize money is one of the biggest among the top five European football leagues.

Last updated: 27.05.2022
Premier League 2021-22 Prize Money Breakdown and Distribution

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The English Premier League prize money is one of the biggest among the top five European football leagues. In the league, some of the best clubs in Europe take part and the fight between them for the prestigious trophy. The competition features very competitive football which makes it one of the most popular leagues in the world. Thus, the Premier League prize money in 2022 is very lucrative with a total payout expected to be around £2.64billion.

The prize money is going to increase by £180m after the Premier League’s broadcasting deals from the 2019-20 season. The revenues from ticket sales are drastically impacted due to coronavirus as matches are playing behind closed doors. With a large number of fans comes a large amount of money from the investors. Many investors invest a lot of money in this league. Also, because of the large number of fans that come to see this match, there is a large amount of money generated by the sales of the tickets and broadcast revenue.


The last season of the premier league sets a new record in terms of the revenue earned as this year the competition has become more intense. The total TV income from all parts of the world is so large that even the club that finishes at the bottom position will get more than £82m in one season.



What every club received at the end 2020/2021 season


1st – Manchester City – £153.9 million

2nd – Manchester Utd – £153.5 million

3rd – Liverpool – £150.9 million

4th – Chelsea – £148.3 million

5th – Leicester – £141.3 million

6th – West Ham – £143.5 million

7th – Tottenham – £139.4 million

8th – Arsenal – £134.4 million

9th – Leeds – £135 million

10th – Everton – £138.6 million (Zero rebates)

11th – Aston Villa – £122.2 million

12th – Newcastle United – £119.9 million

13th – Wolves – £116.3 million

14th – Crystal Palace – £111.7 million

15th – Southampton – £116.9 million

16th – Brighton – £107.5 million

17th – Burnley – £101.7 million

18th – Fulham – £106.9 million

19th – West Brom – £101.7 million

20th – Sheffield United – £91 million.



The English Premier League average sides would benefit more from finishing even within the middle table. As per the distribution pool, clubs within the average position at the end of the season receive at least £150-80 million pounds. This is far way better than other European soccer leagues. This revenue shares the total amount of money shared among the 20 participating clubs in the division during the season. At least, smaller sides would be able to make some reasonable expenses in terms of player buys, payroll, and club-level other expenditures.

Currently, Manchester City sits on top of the table, with Liverpool behind them by only 1 point.


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