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Premier League Opening Weekend: Top 5 Best Players

The Premier League is back and it is as strong as ever. Big scorelines and fantastic performances were the talk of the opening weekend as the return of English football surpassed everyone's expectations.

Last updated: 13.08.2019
Premier League Opening Weekend: Top 5 Best Players | Sports Social Blog

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After a surprisingly interesting pre-season and an instantly memorable English Transfer window, the Premier League has kicked off with a bang. Tears of joy and sorrow and revisions for certain predictions for who would end up where( depending on who you thought was gonna win) all followed. Aside from all the celebrations of victory and the anger at losing, no one would dare claim this opening weekend was anything short of thrilling. There was not one or two but 4 matches where the goal count was either 4 or surpassed 4. That right there is a clear indication that the Premier League is going to entertain past what we expected just like it happens every single year. Whether the matches were pure domination or just surprising (and also involved one-way domination), certain players definitely stood high atop the others. They simply injected that extra bit of energy and pizzazz that made this weekend a joy to behold. Without the set-up out of the way, here’s a look at the top performers of the weekend.


#5. Virgil Van Dijk (Liverpool):



Much to the liking of all the reds fans, Liverpool showcased nothing but fury in the match against Norwich. Any other week of football and 3 or 4 players would’ve made this list but thankfully for all those looking for that extra bit of entertainment, it isn’t. A lot of other players like Mo Salah, Origi or Firmino could’ve made this list but in the end, it is the Dutchman who’s on track to win the Ballon d'Or. He showed that he’s unfazed by the attention he’s getting for his sensational performances last week. He seemed unstoppable and committed 3 successful tackles along with 5 interceptions. He even cleared the ball 3 times and it just goes to show that he’s just as sharp as he was when football took a break after the Nations League. Of course, there’s the matter of his goal, which was made to look effortless thanks to VVD’s towering frame. He didn’t even have to jump to connect the header but as we all know, if it looks easy it’s only because the player is remarkable and it’s all the truer when it’s concerning header’s off of corners. A fantastic start for the Dutch defender.


#4. Aaron Wan-Bissaka (Manchester United):


Despite showing a tremendous amount of promise prior to playing under the Reddevils, there was a bit of tension and skepticism from Manchester United fans regarding the two new signings. All those worries were dispelled in Manchester United’s surprisingly domineering 4-0 showing over a young Chelsea squad. Both Harry Maguire and AWB were terrific in the game but Aaron Wan-Bissaka makes this list on account of being very dynamic throughout the game. He was simply ever-present. He was making those aggressive and risky tackles when the opposition had possession and he was dribbling past defenders and manoeuvring past his marks when it came to attacking. He made 1 key pass and completed two dribbles and had the opposition sweating almost neurotically with his display of skills. Even though it’s only the 1st weekend, the 21 y.o. Englishman is looking to be a fantastic buy for the Reddevils.


#3. Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur):


Harry Kane proved yet again why he’s ranked among the best Premier League strikers. The man simply exemplified the way a striker should play. He took a Tottenham that was 1-0 down and flipped the situation on it’s head in the dying moments of the game, scoring 2 goals in their 3-1 victory over Aston Villa. It’s not like he was the only man on the team as Ndombele had a great debut, scoring the thundering equalizer after Kane was close to putting it past the keeper off his cross in the 1st half.  He took advantage of a deflection off a defender and scored his first goal with a powerful finish in the 86th minute. He doubled down with another goal from the edge of the penalty box 4 minutes later. Kane just put it beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is one of the best goalscorers in the world.


#2. Raheem Sterling (Manchester City):


He nearly won the PFA player of the year because of an incredible showing last season in terms of both scoring and assisting and seems to be on the hunt for it again. His devastating form from last season simply continued as Manchester City laid waste to West Ham in a 5-0 thrashing. The first week in and he’s already scored a hattrick. His first goal was a clinical finish off an assist from Kevin De Bruyne. The second was an equally clinical scoop over the keeper thanks to a Mahrez assist. The goal was nothing short of a sight for sore eyes. He eventually went on to score the 5th and final goal past the 90-minute mark. The match simply showcased how well he’s acclimatized to Manchester City’s attack. His instincts as a forward were simply off the charts, whether it was dribbling, shooting, wing play or positioning, the latter being one of his highlights in regards to the game. He was one of the best players in the PL last season and this performance seems to indicate that he will repeat it again.


#1. Riyad Mahrez (Manchester City):


The man who brought them the PL trophy in the last game of the 2018-19 season with a brilliant goal seems to have set the tone for their 2019-20 campaign. Riyad Mahrez was nearly pitch-perfect when synching up with Manchester City’s attack. His vision was simply in a heightened state if you’re looking at the chances and goals he created. He even got close to scoring as one of his shots hit the side-netting. He had 2 completed dribbles in the game, showing just how much of a force he was and that the moment from his triumph at AFCON has not faded in the slightest. He had 4 key passes in the game. Most importantly, his two assists made Man City the strongest team of the Opening Weekend. He seemed to pluck out Raheem Sterling from the most congested places on the pitch. His first assist to the English man was perhaps the play of the week. The way he lofted the ball over to Sterling was nothing short of graceful and Sterling’s chip over the keeper was the icing on the cake. The final goal of the match was beautifully orchestrated by the Algerian in a squeaky clean through-ball over to Sterling. It was hard to choose between the two Man City lads, but Riyad Mahrez’s assists were even more memorable than most goals and that was reason enough for him to be ranked at #1. 



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