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Ranking The Top 5 Editions of PES

Konami's PES has always been close to the hearts of true football fans. Here is a list of the top 5 best editions of Pro Evolution Soccer. Konami has made comprehensive changes to their PES series.

Vinayak Manoj
Last updated: 16.09.2019
Ranking The Top 5 Editions of PES | Sports Social Blog

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Konami has made comprehensive changes to their PES series, in order to maintain their footing in the market of virtual gaming. Konami have re-invented the game so as to please their consumers. As these changes have ensured a steady growth of adoration and progress in the quality of the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise, not every edition of the game was treated with the same approval and appreciation, the game has made a series of mega tie-ups with several teams like Juventus and more to give its consumers the ultimate football experience. 



1. PES 2020



The latest edition on the block and it has come into the market with a bang. Officially being referred to as eFootball PES 2020. One of the most evident improvements are the in-game graphical quality. The player movements and faces have never been better. Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi move almost like their live counterparts. It is not just the top players, even players from mid-table teams have been mapped perfectly by PES. The Master League that was in the back seat for quite a while has now been reworked, proving to be a source of delight for gamers.


2. PES 2017



The AI opposition proved to be a smarter entity compared to that of the previous editions, the online experience became a crucial weapon to compete with FIFA’s headline-grabbing feature of the year, that is, the story mode. The game featured several improvements, especially with Defensive AI. Goalkeepers were reworked significantly and necessarily so, offering a more realistic defense against corners and saveable shots. Low one-handed dives, instinctive blocks with a single leg and a more prominent and authoritative presence in high balls, made keepers a reliable asset. Konami’s efforts with PES 2017 were a clear indicator of the fact that Konami was not ready to relinquish control of the virtual pitch to FIFA.


3. PES 4



A series of factors made PES 4 an amazing edition, lightyears ahead of its competition at the time. One of the most revolutionary upgrades was the ability to experiment with free-kicks to create some quality goals. The availability of a second kicker and the possibility to strike the ball following a lay-off(step-over by the first kicker). Konami got the speed and fluidity of the game on point. Players did not have to labour overpasses anymore and the ball didnt seem to drift along a seemingly scripted path. First Touch control was much more natural and spontaneous, with a variety of possibilities for flick ons and the associated animations. The referee’s presence was felt more strongly, with a stricter outlook to the constant barrage of reckless tackles made by the opponent and an excellent use of the advantage rule made PES 4 an outstanding experience. 



4. PES 2013


Trying to find its identity in the market all over again, since PES 11 and 12 were not particular hits amongst gamers with a set of issues in both like the old school arcade intensity and the focus on the attacking game respectively. PES 2013 combined all the factors that the former editions lacked with an insane degree of precision, correcting the pace and giving players a tremendous amount of control over the ball. A feature called the PES Full Control was introduced in this edition, focusing on giving the gamer more control with respect to passing and receiving the ball. This feature focussed on giving the gamer the ability to put the ball exactly where he or she wanted- at any height, speed and/or direction. Konami gave gamers more control over teammates as well, having players break-off from the opponent marking them during throw-ins etc. 


5. PES 5



PES proved to be the better option over FIFA when it came to realism, freedom to pass and shoot, and to exploit the individual attributes of players. The same stood true for PES 5 as well, although the pace of the game as a whole had been slowed down, it had been made exceptionally physical. PES 5 marked the end of the days where gamers had to wait for their opponents to lose possession, the game became more competitive and gave gamers the opportunity to go all-in for each and every tackle. The improved shooting resulted in the reduction of exploiting pace to play along the flanks. Gamers were encouraged to make plays through the middle instead. These changes resulted in a game that presented a challenge not only for novice gamers but for hardened veterans as well. 

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