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Ranking The Worst of FIFA Games (Last 15 Years)

FIFA means a lot of different stuff to a lot of different people whether it’s playing online or offline. Here is the ranking of the worst FIFA games in the last 15 years.

Akash Shukla
Last updated: 13.09.2019
Ranking The Worst of FIFA Games (Last 15 Years) | Sports Social Blog

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One Word – FIFA. It means a lot of different stuff to a lot of different people. Whether it’s playing online or offline, this game is just unbelievable for the football fans. It varies depending on how and what you use this game for, professionally or casually. But there is one thing that most people can agree on is the worst FIFAs of all time. Some of the FIFA games have just been horrendous and here is a list of worst 5 of which FIFAs have been the villain in recent years.



5. FIFA 14


FIFA 14 just never really fit in the series of FIFA due to its worst AI experience. FIFA 13 had amazing gameplay introduced and this game just banked on it and did nothing new of any sort. FIFA 14, even with the features of tactical defending had some of the worse AI defending in the collection of FIFA games. This game gives an advantage to the attackers due to such flaky AI defense. Scoring goals by winning every aerial duel just become boring after a while which is why FIFA 14 cuts in the list. 



This was just absolute shambles. The desperate attempt to cash in money using the world cup was the worst thing EA could do to their FIFA franchise. Apart from the introduction of a new tournament mode, they did absolutely nothing new from the FIFA 10 they had launched just a few months back. Essentially a reskinned version of the 2010 game, the World Cup edition simply offered new player skins and updated stats, leaving most of the mechanics and modes of the game untouched. Lack of any new features and or squad update, this went down the drain as a bad try by the company.

3. FIFA 15


Glitches are a part of the game. Users understand that, but when instead of the game only glitches are the ones that are present, that makes the people want a reason from the developers. FIFA 15 had most bugs reported ever in a FIFA game as the people got tired of the ball suddenly going invisible or the goalpost being stuck inside the player. The comedy of errors that led to the goals in this game made FIFA come up with a patch that later on improved the game but the first preview released was just an embarrassment for Electronic Arts.

2. FIFA 19


Many people believe this game to be the worst one ever made. The gameplay of this game is extremely broken. The passing, the rebound even the button delay is just so bad. The same continual of FIFA 18 story mode was also ruined by introducing 3 player control mode that you can’t control at all. The decision you make in the story mode does not create as much of an impact. FIFA 18 was average at best but FIFA 19 just piled on 18 and made itself look 10 times worse. This game just made PES seem a whole lot better.

1. FIFA 16


So this is the epitome of how worse FIFA can get. The worst of the worst. Take anything apart from FUT and this FIFA managed to turn it all to dust. The controls of this game are very laggy and very inconsistent. Horrible AI after FIFA 14 that just kills the entire gameplay. The decision making is too predictable and the long-range shots almost all the time result in goals. This game just eliminates competition and all the fun of FIFA as literally anything you do will turn to a goal. A simple procedure of ball roll > fake shot > finesse shot and even John Terry can score like a striker’s finish.  


So this was a compilation of THE WORST ever created by the EA in their FIFA franchise. The game has become such a huge deal that the expectations of the fan have reached a new level and the delivery is a must otherwise every game will just be another criticized piece of it all.

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