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Premier League GW 10: Team of the Week

It was goals galore in GW 10 in large part due to Leicester City's spellbinding performance against Southampton. Who all made the Team of the Week?

Last updated: 31.10.2019
Team of the game week 10 | Sports Social Blog

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Gameweek 10 was nothing short of goals galore. Leicester City was the highlight with a historic 9-0 win over Southampton. There were also the intense match-ups between Arsenal and Crystal Palace and Liverpool and Tottenham, the no.1-ers almost tasting defeat in the latter one. Without a doubt, it was a week to remember for football fans, and it wouldn’t have been possible without some amazing players. Let’s take a look at the Team of the Week.

GK: Ederson (Manchester City)

Ederson looked as sharp as ever in Man City’s 3-0 win over Aston Villa. His passing was phenomenal with him almost contributing an assist. His reflexes were quick and adept, as was his stopping power, leading him to commit 5 saves. Nothing short of impressive, from a keeper who is proving himself week in and week out. 


LB: Ben Chilwell (Leicester City)

With a 9-0 win, was there any doubt as to whether some Leicester players would make the list? Chilwell was simply ferocious throughout the game, managing tackles and dribbles as if it were second nature. He managed 2 tackles and 1 dribble. Offensively, he was mesmerizing, playing a pivotal role in the gargantuan scoreline. He managed 6 key passes. There was also his important goal and a couple of assists. Just one of those flawless performances.

CB: Steve Cook (Bournemouth)

He was a rather crucial figure in Bournemouth’s goalless draw against Watford. He was able to maintain a rock-solid defence against the opposing attackers. He managed 2 tackles, 2 interceptions and 3 clearances. He was impressive in their air as well, winning the ball 4 times with his head. He also came the closest to scoring the goal when he rattled the post. His strong defending was one of the reasons why his side walked away with a clean sheet.


CB: Chris Basham (Sheffield United)

Another strong defensive performance from newly promoted Sheffield United, led by Chris Basham, their CB. He proved to be a near impenetrable brick-wall which is why the scoreline only read 1-1. He managed 3 tackles, 4 interceptions and 5 clearances. He was just as powerful in the air, winning 5 aerial battles. Nothing short of a spectacular defensive display from the Englishman.

RB: Ricardo Pereira (Leicester City)

Not only was he instrumental in the offense, he also made sure the opponents would be low on confidence when it came to scoring as well. Not only was his dribbling strong, but his tackling was just as precise. He managed 2 dribbles and a staggering 7 tackles. His read and reactions were also impressive with him managing 1 interception and 2 clearances. 

CM: Ilkay Gundogan (Manchester City)

In Manchester City vs Aston Villa, if there was one player that was consistent and sharp throughout the game, creating all the chances and cleverly manipulating the play, it was Ilkay Gundogan. Showing his mettle last season due to De Bruyne’s absence, Ilkay Gundogan is proving himself to be more and more of an asset as the game weeks go by. He was more often than not, an orchestrator of most of Man City’s attacks. He made 2 key passes and scored a composed an acrobatic goal for Manchester City (last goal of the game)

CM: Youri Tielemans ( Leicester City)

He has been constantly proving why Leicester City paid a hefty fee to transfer him. He was  a large part as to why a lot of attacks worked for Leicester City. His read of the game, especially in offense was terrific. He managed a total of 3 key passes and 1 dribble. Last but not least, he scored the 2nd goal of the game, giving Leicester the momentum required for such a monumental performance.

CAM: Ayoze’ Perez (Leicester City)

While he played more of a right-midfield position, he still had to make the list. He was arguably the best player of the week and proved to be a deadly goal scorer, which is why he managed to become one of Leicester City’s hattrick heroes. He scored Leicester’s 3rd, 4th and 6th goals. Both his senses of positioning and finishing were in peak condition as was evident from his goals. A masterful display of attacking football from one of Leicester City’s most recent signees. 

RW: Raheem Sterling (Manchester City)

Sterling’s versatility and being able to play all 3 attacking positions and the way he seamless switches between those positions, as per the needs of the game puts him on the list (despite primarily playing LW). Manchester City were not their level best despite winning 3-0 against Aston Villa. The first half was goalless. Raheem Sterling was thus a huge factor in swaying the match in favour of Pep Guardiola’s side, in the beginning of the 2nd half. His positioning and dribbling was excellent and he proved to maintain his adeptness when it came to finishing with his goal through the keeper’s legs.

LW: Christian Pulisic (Chelsea FC)

No better way to shine in the blue jersey. Chelsea’s new and hyped up signing from USA showcased an incredible display of talent with a brilliant hattrick against Burnley in GW 10 of the Premier League. All 3 goals showcased a lot of skill. His dribbling, finishing and general offensive awareness were operating at maximum capacity, giving the Londoners a crucial 3 points. He completed 1 dribble and 4 shots on target, proving that Chelsea definitely has a strong shot at finishing in a top 4 spot.

ST: Jamie Vardy (Leicester City)

Another Leicester City pick yet again and who else could it be? He has been Leicester City’s star striker for a while and a big reason as to why they are sitting at no. 3 in the PL table. Vardy is one of the most opportunistic and clever strikers in football and he certainly proved that with his hat-trick against Southampton. He just knows to maintain his position and to react quickly and level headedly when he gets the ball, which is easier said than done, even for the best of attackers. He simply is a guy who gets the job done, which is why he is currently the top scorer in the English Premier League with 9 goals.

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