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Premier League Gameweek 12 | Team of the Week

A lot of interesting developments as Gameweek 12 drew to a close. The top 4 saw quite a bit of restructuring as a result of the Liverpool v Man City game. The intense weekend of football was possible thanks to the following players.

Last updated: 12.11.2019
Team of the week Premier League | Sports Social Blog

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A fantastic weekend of matches, highlighted by the 3-1 win the Reds had over Manchester City, asserting a sort of dominance over the Premier League. As a result the Man City loss, the PL table itself saw a drastic shift with Leicester City and Chelsea moving into the 2nd and 3rd spots respectively while the champions themselves dropped all the way down to the fourth spot. Manchester United fans breathed a sigh of relief as their team pulled away with a 3-1 victory against Brighton. Sheffield United are having quite the spectacular season, having moved all the way to the 5th spot after being promoted in this very season. Suffice it to say, it was an exciting week filled to the brim with incredible performances. Here’s a look at the team of the Week

GK: Nick Pope (Burnley FC)


Burnley maintained a keen sense of sharpness and it resulted in a bit of a surprise 3-0 win against West Ham United. The goalkeeper, Nick Pope was no exception to this sharpness and he was on full alert. He was athletic and reflexes were on full swing which enabled him to commit 4 important saves throughout the match. A well-deserved clean sheet.

LB: Andrew Robertson (Liverpool FC)

Liverpool beat Man City 3-1 barely breaking a sweat, giving a hint as to possibly having an undefeated Premier League season. A  large part of this was their full backs and the way they exploited gaps and created chances. Robertson was at his level best with both his sprinting and crossing on optimal efficiency. Aside from 1 tackle, it was his offensive capabilities that really shone in the match, showcased in the second goal of the game. Alexander Arnold’s brilliant cross found it’s way to Robertson who cross the ball with equal brilliance to Mo Salah who put it past the keeper. Match by match, he’s proving why Liverpool is such a deadly force. 

CB: Ben Mee (Burnley FC)

Burnley’s entire team was very strong and looked rather insurmountable in their 3-0 win against West Ham United. Ben Mee was like an unstoppable force on defence, refusing to let anyone past him without putting up a fight. His tackling and awareness were brilliant as was his aerial prowess. Mee managed 2 tackles, a staggering 7 clearances 8 aerial wins. He made sure that West Ham United wouldn’t have it remotely easy.

CB: Fikayo Tomori ( Chelsea FC)

Tomori has been performing exceptionally for a while now. Even when things looked rough for Chelsea in the beginning he was a bright spot in a dark tunnel. Now he looks perhaps even better with the entire team settling in and performing well. He’s a strong tackler and is very useful for dismantling the defence of the opposition. He was great in the air, winning 3 aerial balls, aside from completing 2 tackles and 1 interception.

RB: Ricardo Pereira ( Leicester City)

Leicester City has been incredibly consistent for quite a while and have deservedly moved on to the 2nd spot in the Premier League after their 2-0 defeat against Arsenal. It seems that slowly, all their players are becoming terrific, although Pereira has been performing well from early on. He can attack and defend very well. Both his passing and tackling skills are precise and effective. He completed 2 dribbles and 5 tackles in the game, including a crucial last man tackle. It’s safe to say that he’s become one of the best full-backs in the Premier League

CDM: Wilfred Ndidi (Leicester City)

The way Wilfred Ndidi interacts with the defenders is a thing of beauty, seamless shift with them constantly, proving cover whenever required in addition to being a capable aggressor himself. That’s not even counting that he can be almost as capable on the attack. His dribbling was strong with 3 completed dribbles and he had 6 tackles. He even managed 1 key pass. He is Leicester’s glue and currently teams are wishing they would have a player like him.

CM: Fabinho ( Liverpool FC)

Fabinho’s goal against Man City was arguably the best one of the entire week. A thumping shot from distance and the keeper seemed to have no chance. Not only the goal itself, but Fabinho also maintained his reliability as a player rarely having any sort of misstep. His passing was accurate and contributed to the momentum and his general game sense was sharp.He had 1 tackle and and an 83 \% accuracy which was more than enough to cause the right amount of damage.

CM: Ruben Neves (Wolves)

Ruben Neves showcased how good he can be on the attack in the 2-1 win Wolves registered against Aston Villa. He was clever enough to play his strengths and of course his shooting was one of the highlights of the week. If there’s anything who can topple Fabinho’s goal, it’s the bullet of a shot from Ruben Neves. He was smart enough to utilize the fact that he had a fair amount of space and the result was memorable strike. That sense of cleverness evident from the goal is more than what puts him in the team of the week.

LW: Christian Pulisic (Chelsea)

Christian Pulisic is cementing his position as one of the best young players in the Premier League. Chelsea is surely joyous that they were able to recruit this gem of a player into their team in the midst of a transfer ban. His dribbling, passing and general game sense is a joy to watch. His lane changes are sharp and that’s why he completed 6 dribbles in the game. Simply every facet of attacking play was beautifully executed by Pulisic in the game against Crystal Palace. Of course there was his headed goal which showcased just how fast he can be. People will be eyeing him with nothing but great expectations.

RW: Adama Traore ( Wolves )

Adama Traore is continuing his form since his brilliant showing in the 2-0 win against Manchester City. He’s one of the contributors to the mindset that Spain as a country is spoiled for choices in terms of football. He was arguably the best player in the game against AVL. His dribbling was incredible along with his general sense of attack. He managed a gargantuan 11 completed dribbles, 1 key pass and 1 important assist showing just how much of an asset he is. 

CF: Anthony Martial (Manchester United)

Martial is showing that he’s not letting the long absence as a result of injury get to him. Manchester United as a team got a much-needed win out of their latest game and Anthony Martial was the orchestrator of all the things that went right in the match. His passing and vision were incredible which is what led to the goals. He had 4 key passes. He put in a clever pass inside the penalty box for the first goal and while it was a deflected goal the skill used to get the ball to  Pereira was undeniable. The second assist was even more brilliant with him passing the ball to an open Rashford after being swarmed by the keeper and defenders. He could be one of the key men to turn things around for the red devils.

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