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The worst football kits of 2020 - 21

In this article, Check out the worst football kits of 2020-21.

Last updated: 14.11.2020
The worst football kits of 2020 - 21 | Sports Social Blog

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Juventus third kit:

With the exuberant pattern these new shades of orange and black are almost enough to make the eyes bleed.


Harrogate Town home kit:

A perfectly fine football shirt completely ruined by the sponsor. We’ve seen it before, and we’ll see it again

Crystal Palace home kit:

Broken stripes, shoulder panels, ugly sponsor logos. They have it all.

Partick Thistle home kit:

The perfect costume for a football themed Halloween party. The broken stripes look like trails of blood.

Crewe Alexandra home kit:

The use of gold and black actually go well on most occasions. From the extremely huge shoulder panels to the oil spill graphic, it’s a disaster at Alexandra.

Inter Milan away kit:

Football shirt. Check.

Tea towel. Check.

Picnic Blanket. Check.

Some more tweaks and this would have been a masterpiece.

KRC Genk third kit:

The turquoise and green combo nobody wanted. From the sleeves to the badges the kit can give headaches and migraines if watched for too long.

RB Leipzig away kit:

Horrendous color combination. The mixture of blue, yellow and orange unfortunately looks really cheap, as if a child has colored it in after running out of all their favorite crayons. When you notice the appalling collar, you’ll be left wondering how such a simple shirt has gone so horribly wrong.  Of course, if you’re also averse to an enormous Red Bull logo, then you would’ve been put right off this shirt anyway. Either way, it’s a shocker.

Swansea City away kit

Which one is worse? The color or the pattern?

Looks like a joint effort to find out which one can actually suck more.


Which one do you think is the worst?

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