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Oldest Football Clubs in the World

Which club is the oldest football club in the world? Here we look at the oldest football clubs since Football features a long and rich history, dating back to the mid-19th Century.

Last updated: 30.01.2021
Oldest Football Clubs | Sports Social Blog

Football features a long and rich history, dating back to the mid-19th Century. With each passing year, the gorgeous game has evolved and developed, but the foundations remain equivalent to what the motto of the game is. Unity and Longevity.

Here we take a look at 10 teams who have stood straight even after being feared of constantly wiped away due to various conditions- monetary, psychological or physical:

10) Aston Villa - 1874

In their first game after being formed in 1874, they had agreed to play the first half (against a rugby team) following the principles of rugby, before having the green light to play the 2nd half under the principles of football. Villa has gone on to have great success, winning the FA Cup and First Division on seven occasions each.

9) Rangers - 1872

A club full of history, pride and success, Rangers were formed by four enthusiasts in March 1872.  After suffering total liquidation in 2012, they were forced to figure their way out to the top again from the third division in Scotland. Thanks to the finer details, some have claimed that the club's history has been broken. Despite this, the SPFL has insisted that the club remain an equivalent of their past - ensuring their history remains intact.

8) Kilmarnock - 1869

Kilmarnock was formed in January of 1869 after a set of cricketers were keen to learn and play another sport during their downtime. After agreeing to form the football club, the group also initially began playing the game during that time with clear similarities to the sport of rugby - hence the name Rugby Park Stadium. Ultimately, the foundations were set and Killie is considered the oldest professional club in Scotland.

7) Queen’s Park FC - 1867

Queen's Park, set the foundations in Scotland for football alongside Kilmarnock, after forming in 1867. Winning ten Scottish Cups within the 19th Century, Queen's Park were the dominant force, but success became harder to return by as they continued to stay to their philosophy of playing 'for the sake of playing.'

6) Stoke City- 1863

The Potters are the oldest Premier League club having been formed in 1863. Stoke City was formed by people from the Charterhouse School and was named Stoke Ramblers which was later changed in 1928. The club currently plays at the Britannia Stadium which was opened in 1997.

5) Notts County- 1862

The Meadow Lane outfit is the oldest professional football club in the world, having been formed in 1862. The Nottingham based club have played over 4750 football league games, way more than any other English club. Notts County wears the traditional white and black stripes, the same as Juventus.

4) Cray Wanderers- 1860

Cray Wanderers FC is a semi-professional football club based in London. The club was founded in 1860 and are the oldest club in London. Cray Wanderers play at Hayes Lane, which has a capacity of about 5000 people and have a very strong supporter base. The club currently plays in the Isthmian League Division One North.

3) LIMA CFC- 1859

This is a huge surprise as the tiny club from Peru is one of the oldest in the world, having being formed in 1859. Lima CFC is both a football and cricket club, with the football team currently playing in the San Isidro District’s local league. It is suggested that the club was formed by English migrants, although the club is small it has a lot of history behind it.


The US-based club was formed in 1857, however, university officials claim that the club was formed a year earlier. The Cambridge University Association Football Club play at the Grange Road Stadium, which is also known as Fenner’s Pitches. The stadium has a seating capacity of just about 1000 people.

1) SHEFFIELD FC – 1857

Sheffield FC is the oldest football club in the world, which their fans take immense pride in. The club is currently playing in the Northern Premier League Division One South. Sheffield was founded by local cricketers on October 24, 1857. The club currently plays at the Coach and Horses Ground which has a seating capacity of just over 2000 people.

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