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Top 6 Young Goalkeepers for Season 2019-20

While it is fun to reminisce about greats like Van Der Sar, Casillas, Oliver Kahn, etc. the future holds some terrific goalkeepers, some of whom are destined to reach those levels.

Last updated: 12.08.2019
Top 6 Young Goalkeepers for Season 2019-20 | Sports Social Blog

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The position of goalkeeper is one of the most challenging in all of the sports. It requires a serious amount of mental fortitude as well as high-calibre athleticism and reflexes. The goalkeeper also has to control the defenders so that they are in their optimum positions and also clear the ball a lot of the time. During a corner, most of the defence lies in the hands of the goalkeeper. It is a position that requires a lot and is in charge of protecting the most important thing in the game: the goalpost. Like any other positions, when you think of goalkeeper only the greats like Peter Schmeichel, Oliver Kahn or Gianluigi Buffon come to mind. They have kept the goal for long and through some difficult matches, maintaining that winner-like level of composure. But looking at today’s talent, it’s guaranteed that we will have some great goalkeepers like them in the future. They use their youth to their advantage and already look very sharp in front of goal. While it is true that when it comes to potential, only time will tell, these few look to be the ones to take the world by storm in the near future.


(Since goalkeepers retire later than footballers in other positions, maximum age of 25 has been kept)



6. Alban Lafont (Fiorentina; Currently on loan to FC Nantes):




For most of the 2018-19 season, Alban Lafont was a highlight among teenage goalkeepers. The only reason that he wasn’t considered a fantastic teenage player was the fact that he turned 20 in January. In the Serie A he played a huge no. of matches(34) despite being a teenager and he still conceded only 40 goals. Considering this is a tournament that had some really active goalscorers like Cristiano Ronaldo, Zapata, Piatek Quagliarella, etc., that is very impressive. He also managed to keep 9 clean sheets. His reflexes and diving and have been particularly great, helping him garner those 9 clean sheets. 


5. Gianluigi Donnarumma (AC Milan):

Another 20-year old to enter the list, Donnarumma is considered to be Italy’s replacement for Gianluigi Buffon, who is one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time. Goes without saying that Donnarumma has some unfairly large shoes to fill but it seems like he’s far from throwing in the towel. He has a record of his own, being the youngest goalkeeper to ever appear for Italy back when he was 17. Despite his young age, he has had 12 caps for the Italian national team. He is physically and mentally strong with a lot of technicality and composure. Donnarumma is one of the more intelligent young players and his teams have come out on top often owing to his decision-making. He conceded only 28 goals in the Serie A last season and had a very impressive tally of 9 clean sheets (over the course of 36 matches).


4. Andre Onana (Ajax):

Several young players were shoved into a very positive spotlight, owing to Ajax’s odds-defying spell last season, especially in the UCL.  The 23-year old was one of those players, having played a big hand in the Dutch side defeating both Juventus and Real Madrid. He showed a great level of fitness, great aerial reach and was very strong on the one-on-ones. As a result, he maintained a mammoth tally of 16 clean sheets in the Eredivisie, conceding only 27 goals(33 matches). He even kept 4 clean sheets in Ajax’s brilliant UCL run showing he’s just as adept in the grandest of stages.


3. Kepa Arrizabalaga (Chelsea):

While the 24-year-old fell under heavy scrutiny for refusing to leave the pitch when then-manager, Maurizio Sarri want to substitute him out against Man City, there’s no denying that he possesses the skill. The Spaniard is the most expensive goalkeeper of all time, his move to Stamford Bridge costing 80 Million Euros. He has brilliant reflexes, aerial reach and is quite capable when it comes to the one-on-ones. Despite Chelsea facing some harsh times last season, he still managed 14 clean sheets and conceded only 39 goals in his 2018-19 season in the PL. He made an impressive 83 saves during that 2018-19 season as well.

2. Jordan Pickford (Everton):

He wasn’t England’s starting goalkeeper in the 2018 World Cup for no reason. He is very level-headed and composed and shows aggression when needed. His reflexes are strong as are his one-on-one skills. His goal kicks and reach are very impressive. He recently had a very strong season with Everton. Despite not belonging to a top 6 team, he conceded only 46 goals and managed to keep 14 clean sheets (PL). He made 94 saves in the PL last season, adding further weight to his prestige as a keeper. Even in his first PL game of 2019-20, he still maintained a clean sheet.


1. Ederson (Manchester City):

Was there any doubt? He is not only the best young keeper, but the 25-year old is one of the best keepers in the Premier League. The Brazilian has already won 2 back-to-back PL’s with Manchester City and was highly influential in both those two Championships. Most of his skills are strong. His goal kicks and shots are great. Ederson is strong both on passing and on the one-on-one’s primarily because he knows when to rush out and defend against attackers. He has world-class composure and as a result, kept a staggering 20 clean sheets while conceding only 23 goals in the 2018-19 season (58 saves). Even in the UCL, he kept 3 clean sheets in 10 matches. In the case of Ederson, you don’t have to say things like he’s looking like a great prospect because he has already turned out to be beyond great. If he already one of the best at just 25, one can barely imagine how good he’s going to be in the coming years.

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