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Top Most Unbelievable Records In The Football World

The long and flourishing history of football has seen many records being made and broken. Here are many incredible records that are almost impossible to be broken in the future.

Last updated: 25.06.2019
Top Most Unbelievable Records In The Football World | Sports Social Blog

World football has witnessed many incredible records that are almost impossible to be broken in the future. Some of them I am sure you have never heard, read this article to know something interesting about football now.

The most scoring goalkeeper

The position of the goalkeeper is considered almost impossible to score but sometimes there are some exceptions. 131 goals may be a relatively normal number for a striker but if it is performed by a goalkeeper, this is an impressive record. The person currently holding this record is Rogerio Ceni goalkeeper of Sao Paulo (Brazil) Club.

The veteran star has played 1250 matches, scored 131 goals and despite the age of 42 years old, Ceni is still the first choice of Sao Paulo Club. Perhaps there will never be any goalie who possesses the astonishing ability of scoring as much as what Rogerio Ceni has done during his career.

The most scoring footballer

Although Messi and Ronaldo are currently considered two “destructive scoring machines”, but compared to the previous seniors, both superstars’ achievement is indeed very small. 

Ronaldo has just reached the 500 goals in his career and the legendary striker Josef Bican, he scored a total of 1468 goals when he was a professional football player and holds the record for the world's most prolific goalscorer. 

In modern football, it is difficult for players to break this record because the football rule nowadays has become more severe.

The record for winning five consecutive European trophies

The 50-60s was the dominance period of Real Madrid in Europe when within five consecutive years from 1955-1960, they won the Europeans Cup five times. This incredible feat lifted Real Madrid to the top of the world's greatest clubs. 

Today, winning the Champions League is very difficult and there has never been a team winning this prestigious European trophy twice in a row.

The number of people watching a football match

The 1950 World Cup Final between Brazil and Uruguay in the Maracana Stadium currently holds the record for the largest number of spectators in history with an estimated 210,000 fans coming to the stadium. 

At that time, Brazil and Uruguay were great rivals of world football, so every match between the two teams was very attractive.

Although there were only 173,850 tickets were sold, the number of people coming to the Maracana pitch was so large that the match was seriously threatened by the risk of happening disturbance. After 1950, football officials tightened the security of the stadium to ensure high safety for each match.

The match having the highest score

The match between AS Adema-O l'Emyrne taking place on October 31, 2002, in the framework of the national championship of Madagascar ended in a score of 149-0, in favor of the home team. 

This match had the most scores in the history of world football and it was recognized by the Guinness Book of Records. AS Adema, a large club in Madagascar whose headquarter in Antananarivo, defeated their rival, Stade Olympique de l'Emyrne (SOE), in a supermassive match of Madagascar.

However, many mysterious decisions against Emmy lead to Adema's championship, so the team decided to lose themselves in protest. They shot their own net with 149 goals. With such a frequency, they scored one goal every 40 seconds.

The record for fewest scores in the Premier League

This sad record was made by Derby County in the 2007/08 season. After 38 rounds, Derby County won only one goal against Newcastle, while their losses reached 29 (also a record in the UK). 

At the end of the season, Derby County finished the season with the last position in the ranking table with 11 points, scoring 20 goals and scored 89 goals by their rivals.

The record for playing in most matches during the career

People still mistakenly think that the legendary Pele with 1375 career matches will hold the record for playing in most matches in the world but the actual number of "football king" is only 1115 official matches. 

Pele's performance was far behind Rogerio Ceni when this 42-year-old goalkeeper played 1250 matches in his career.

Winning European Cup with the squad having the most native players

Modern football is a mix of cultures, ethnicities, religions, and politics around the world. But in the past, football teams often prioritized choosing native players. 

This is the reason Celtic became the only club in Europe so far to win the 1967 Champions League with a squad of all native players (beating Inter Milan in the final by 2 to 1).

Top scoring player for the national team

Former Iranian player Ali Daei set an unprecedented record when he scored 103 goals/149 matches after 13 years of playing for the national team. He is far ahead of the second-place Hungarian Ferenc Puskas with 84 goals/85 matches.

In his playing career, the former 45-year-old striker once played for Bayern Munich in 1998-1999 season, winning the Bundesliga and the Champions League’s runner-up. The only player who can compete with Daei is Irishman Robbie Keane, who scored 65 goals for Ireland.

Player scoring most goals in a World Cup season

In recent World Cups, the top scorers usually score no more than seven goals. Therefore, just need to score seven goals in this prestigious playground, the player can receive the prestigious Golden Shoe. 

However, at the 1958 World Cup in Sweden, Just Fontaine striker scored 13 goals for the France national football team. This milestone is super hard to be conquered in the future.

The oldest professional football player 

On November 12, 2015, Yokohama FC - a club in the second division of the Japan Professional Football League (J-league 2) shocked all people when deciding to renew the contract with Kazuyoshi Miura who is a 48 years old player. More surprisingly, Miura's forte is the striker.

Kazuyoshi Miura, nicknamed Kazu who was born on February 26, 1967, is one of the most famous players that Japanese football ever trained. At the age of 15, he and his family moved to Brazil to develop the football career, before the debut of the famous Santos Club in 1986.

However, Miura will have to make more effort to break a new record: the oldest player ever to score in a professional tournament of Billy Meredith. This legendary Man City player scored a goal against Brighton in the FA Cup framework in 1924 when he was 49 years old! Even four years ago, at the age of 45, he became the oldest player to score for a national football team (England football team).

Scoring most goals in a year

Lionel Messi just broke the world record for the total number of goals in a year with 91 goals and this football story is probably the most talked about recently. 

Although Zambia Football Federation did not agree with this record when they showed Godfrey Chitalu's statistics, he scored 107 goals in 1972 for Kabwe Warriors. Anyone who wants to overcome him will have to score 1,319 goals in a calendar year. 

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