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Updated List Of The 10 Clubs Earning Most 2019

The competition between clubs to win the highest spot in the revenue income chart is too severe. Here is the list of 10 most earning clubs of 2019.

Last updated: 08.07.2019
List Of Most Earning 10 Clubs of 2019 | Sports Social Blog

In the world of the king sport - football, the competition between clubs to win the highest spot in the revenue income chart is as severe as the 90-minute final match of the Champion League. Since the rank influences significantly on the valuation,  each club has its own orientation to earn as much revenue as possible.

Typically, the revenue of a club comes from three primary sources, including commercial deals, broadcast rights, and ticket sales. However, there are also many other factors affecting and contributing to the revenue, such as players sales, qualification in various tournaments, and etc. Hence, the list of wealthiest clubs around the world is not the same between years.

This year, such countdown chart of the world's richest football clubs has been revealed with the 22nd edition of Deloitte Football Money League (DFML). Some teams dropped down in the chart while others surged up to the higher ranks. Especially, there was a new leader as Manchester United has been kicked off from the first rank and ended their leading domination over the decade. 

Today we will go on the detail of the 10 richest football clubs in the world with all figures updated around mid-2019.

Stay tuned and check this chart out in the next parts. 

Tottenham Hotspur 

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The tenth spot goes to Tottenham Hotspur based on their significant growth in revenue. According to DMFL, this year, Spurs achieved the revenue income of nearly €430 million.

As expectation since last year, Tottenham Hotspur has won over Juventus to gain the slot in top ten. Since 2006/07, this is the second time that the Spurs made it to the top ten charts. 

Deloitte believes that the Spurs will witness a further increase in revenue thanks to their stable performance over recent tournaments.


Arsenal earns the ninth position with a humble figure of approximately €440 million in revenue. They fell three places this year, and so far this is the lowest position they have ever reached since 2004/05. This result is the result of their non-qualification for the Champions League season 2019/20.

Also, Deloitte is afraid that with the current situation, the club will have to struggle to retain the ninth spot or even a place in the top ten.

Chelsea FC 


In the current chart of most-earning club this year, the eighth-place belongs to Chelsea FC with revenue income of around €500 million.

Experiencing a remarkable rise in revenue, the Blues were revealed to earn mainly from broadcast rights with approximately €230 million and commercial deals with over €190 million. Another revenue source of more than €80 million came from ticket sales.

Regardless of this remarkable revenue growth, Chelsea has remained this eighth place for the fourth successive year.

Liverpool FC

With the total revenue of €513.7 Million, Liverpool FC climbed to seventh place in the chart 2019.

According to DMFL, this position has been the highest one since 2008/09 that Liverpool has ever achieved. 

Owning several stars in the club, Liverpool is highly expected to have its valuation go up in the future.

Paris Saint-Germain

Holding at the sixth spot is Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), who witnessed such a drastic rise in revenue of €55.5 million.

The figures show that the French side achieved over €310 Million from the sponsorship of Emirates and Nike, around €130 Million through their broadcast rights this season, and approximately €100 Million from ticket sales on matchdays.

Especially, their valuation increases remarkably thanks to the €230 Million purchase of Neymar.

Manchester City

The fifth spot goes to Manchester City. The club generated the revenue income of nearly €570 million this season.

Their main revenue derived from commercial deals with around €265 million revenue. Noticeably, the club earned more this year with closely €240 million from broadcasting rights. Also, ticket sales brought approximately €65 million to Manchester City. 

Deloitte believes that the winning in English Premier League in the 2018/19 season will result profoundly on gaining higher revenue in the onwards seasons.

Bayern Munich

Holding the fourth position in the chart is German Bundesliga club Bayern Munich, who earned €629.2 million this year in total. 

Although generating a revenue of over €600 million, the German club still stands at this fourth place for the third consecutive year. 

According to Deloitte, their total value was impacted to some extent by their successful performance in the UEFA Champions League.

Manchester United

The third place of the chart belongs to Manchester United with the generated revenue of €666 million. Though standing the third position, this club faced a decline of almost €10 Million in revenue. 

Like other big clubs, the Red Devils obtained mainly from three sources -  commercial income, broadcasting rights, and ticket sales with the amount of €316.1, €230.4, and €119.5 million respectively.

According to DFML, this club's revenue resulted mainly from their winning at UEFA Europa League this year.

FC Barcelona 

€690.4 Million is the total revenue of FC Barcelona, which makes them stand in second place in the chart of the most-earning club 2019. The Catalan side spared the top position to their competitor Real Madrid despite gaining an impressive rise of €42 Million this year. 

The club earned more than €322 million thanks to the deals with Nike and Qatar Airways. Also, around €223 million of their revenue was through their broadcast rights. Along with that, their ticket sales experienced a surge and obtained nearly €145 Million.

Real Madrid

The spotlight of the list is going to Real Madrid, which earned €750.9 Million this year. Their revenue came mainly from the partnerships with  Emirates and Adidas in the long-term. 

Noticeably, despite the sales of forwarding Cristiano Ronaldo, Madrid still has its valuation almost unharmed. 

Also, there is a big gap of €60.5 million in revenue compared between Madrid and Barcelona. Thus, Madrid is expected to secure the top spot for the next few years. 

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