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What are the types of Dribbling in Football

Dribbling means passing the ball using different styles and techniques. In this article, take a look at the types of Dribbling in Football.

Last updated: 07.07.2022
What are the types of Dribbling in Football

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Dribbling – The skill of dribbling the ball is one of the most important factors in the sport of soccer. Dribbling means passing the ball using different styles and techniques. Dribbling is how soccer players transition the ball from one end of the field to another, weave in and out of the defence, and have a chance at scoring a goal. Speed, balance, endurance, agility, and body control are essential factors in making a soccer player successful in dribbling. It requires the players to have great control in their footwork, control over the ball at all times and the ability to quickly change directions.

Types of dribbling in football:

The cut: 


Most soccer players utilize the cut to move the soccer ball to the side when coming face to face with an opposing player, allowing them to get away and either continue dribbling, pass to a teammate, or make a shot on goal. When approaching the opposing player, the player with the ball will use the outside of either foot to kick the ball to the side. The soccer player performing the cut must know exactly how hard to kick the ball. A side kick that is too soft makes it easy for the opposing player to take possession of the ball, while a side kick that is too hard can cause the player to lose control and possibly turn it over to the other team as well.

Pressure avoiding dribble: 

This is one of the most commonly used techniques of dribbling in football. When you are a central midfielder every ball you kick, technically follows a pressure-avoiding dribble. This is done by a quick flick of the ball which gives extra few seconds to execute the pass. Awareness of the players is just because he/she will kick the ball even before getting into it. Thus apart from physical skills what is important is the presence of mind and consciousness on the field, which determines your skills in football.

Change of pace dribble: 

This is a kind of a trick that you play against your opponent. It is done by slowing down the pace of your motion and acting as if you are going to stop passing the ball with your feet. Once you trick the opponent, assuring that he is confused explode with speed and drive through the opponent to score.

Speed dribble: 

This technique is mostly used when the player is not guarded heavily by the opponents. Taking the advantage of a vast and open ground, use the time wisely to act in speed with your feet and control of your body. Here the player kicks the ball a bit forward and runs to it without losing control over it. The mind and body should act accordingly to possess the ball. At times you have to smoke out a few players who might be there on your way. Keep in mind not to use any foul tricks to reach the ball and utilize your inner skills.

Cruyff Turn or Reverse dribble: 

Cruyff turns or reverse dribble is named after the legendary Dutch footballer Johan Cruyff. This kick is executed the moment you realize that there is no escape for you from your opponent and you are strongly guarded. While executing the dribble, the player shows that he is going to kick the ball forward. But instead of kicking the ball forward he/she stops the ball by the foot and smoothly draws it back behind the standing leg. Right after this move, turning the hip at 180 degree, the player shifts the weight to the other foot.  This is a hard technique to master, but once a pro, then you’ll be the spot point in every field.

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