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Premier League: when will the PL season end and six possible scenarios for the end of season

When will the PL season end? Will Liverpool still win the league? And more. We will look at all the scenarios possible in this blog.

Last updated: 22.04.2020
Premier League Season End | Sports Social Blog

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Premier League football has been suspended until further notice due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis. With no end in sight of the social distancing measures, the hope that the Premier League season will still resume is growing feeble by each passing day. What will happen in England's top flight? Will the season end? Will Liverpool win the Premier League title? Then, will the bottom three not be relegated? What will happen to West Brom and Leeds' promotion? With players, coaches, staff, brand partnerships, and most other legal agreements in England expiring on 30 June. Pushing the season beyond that will be a huge headache. Here is what we know at this stage:


When will the Premier League season resume?


The PL is suspended indefinitely as the virus continues to grip the UK. The lockdown that is currently deployed across the country can be lifted only upon Government's advice. Or only when 'it is safe to do so'. A review of the lockdown is set to be done on 7 May. But based on various sources, there is a tentative green light to resume in June, only under closed doors. Players are being told that mid-June is the time they can expect football and should prepare accordingly. The clubs may face the prospect of playing as late as August, with the big six against ending it in June citing various reasons.


In pic: a closed Anfield stadium


Will Liverpool be crowned champions if the season is canceled:

Simply put, nobody knows. UEFA chief Ceferin stated Liverpool may not be crowned champions. And there was fake news of UEFA advising leagues to finish their respective championships and crown the league topper as champion. The final decision rests with the respective boards. Will Liverpool be able to end the 30-year league drought? Let's see all the possible scenarios for the end of the PL 2019-20 season:


Scrap it all together:

Declare the 2019-20 season as null and void with no winner and not a single team relegated. Start the next season afresh. It would be a disaster for Liverpool because the league was there for the taking. And what about West Brom and Leeds' promotion? They are all-but-safe to qualify for England's top-flight football next season.


In pic: Leeds United players


Finish the season now:

Declare the current table topper Liverpool as the winner of the Premier League 2019-20 season. This automatically means that the bottom three sides Norwich, Aston Villa, and Bournemouth will be relegated. And thus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Leicester City, and Chelsea will qualify for the next year's UCL. Such a scenario would be highly unfair for the bottom three sides. All of them can mathematically avoid relegation.


Behind closed doors:

Play all the remaining 92 games under closed doors in a tightly packed schedule, without any audience. And with minimum background staff and media presence. Make it available on the mobile application and Television. But will it be viable for the players to fly in from different corners of the world?


Go abroad:

Playing the remainder of the season abroad is something that is being discussed. Qatar seems to be a safer environment. But with the majority of countries seizing their borders, is it an intelligent option to move abroad?


Extend indefinitely:

Waiting for the restrictions to end and carrying out the season when everything is back to normal. This option may not be available forever and the new season is also set to begin on 8 August.


In pic: Jack Grealish, Aston Villa


Promote but not relegate:

First, hand Liverpool the title. They deserve it. Promote West Brom and Leeds from the Championship, but don't relegate the bottom three sides from the Premier League. So that next season would have 22 teams with each team playing 42 games. Remove the EFL cup to accommodate these extra games. And relegate five clubs next season so that the league is back to normal from then on.


Writer's take:

It would be unfair if Liverpool doesn't win the title this year. And moreover, It would be a no-brainer to relegate the bottom three. The last scenario seems the most suitable as of now. But the PL should not be started on the risk of someone's life. Period.

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