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Why Liverpool won’t retain their title in 20/21

It is highly unlikely Liverpool will win the Premier League. In this article, I take a look at the reasons why Liverpool will not retain the title.

Last updated: 17.09.2020
Liverpool in Premier League 2020-21 | Sports Social Blog

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It is highly unlikely Liverpool will win the Premier League. Simple reasons why:

  • Only one club has retained their crown since 2008/09.

  • COVID-19 has messed up any rhythm Liverpool might have had

And, most importantly of all:

  • They will be cycling off

Manchester City was the last to hold their crown and that was despite an in the background emergency where best friend and number two to the chief Zeljko Buvac protested in going "full nuclear" to catch the league title.


In 2018 Liverpool were 19 points off Manchester City and after a year they were one point from the holy grail. What's more, this year they got their hands on the chalice following 30 years of wait. In any case, at what cost?


The English Premier League is played at a pace just coordinated by sugar-crazed toddlers. The fittest groups who have the best reserves and best injury avoidance constantly win. However, there is the additional part as disclosed by a Premier League club, THE DIET.

Loads of caffeine, Red Bulls, Espressos, omelettes, antibiotics, painkillers are a disaster in itself. Putting hearts under such pressure season after season, at the pace of the Premier League, is a tragedy waiting to happen.

Why is it still hard for Liverpool?

Jurgen Klopp is no sham. He realizes that after the efforts of the last three seasons pursuing the holy grail, lockdown notwithstanding, this season will not be one of merrymaking.

Liverpool can't win this season because truly, scientifically and ethically they can't. They can't overdose again on caffeine as a result of the reactions associated and other effects. They can't keep up the pace with different substances and painkillers because the amount of those pills required to put up a top of the line performance would cause a huge number of injuries. Furthermore, as much as the American proprietors might want to win the title indeed, players are important assets for them and they wouldn’t want Salah, Roberto and co to lose their resale value.

As per a source near the club, of 35 players 22 are asthmatic – 63% of the crew, more than multiple times higher than the 12% UK average. With so numerous debilitated players and COVID-19 compromising these in danger players, it's now risky. To keep the players at the maximum for a whole season, on various fronts, substances to upgrade and restore performances are required.

Keeping these points on the mind and the state of the squad for the past 3 seasons it can be deduced that it’s tough for the squad to reach the top again.

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