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Why Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for Manchester United?

Manchester United have never been the same since Sir Alex Ferguson left the helm of being the manager. Let’s look at the managers.

Last updated: 05.03.2019
Why Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for Manchester United? | Sports Social Blog

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Manchester United have never been the same since Sir Alex Ferguson left the helm of being the manager. The likes of well-known managers took the job but there was always something missing.

Let’s look at the managers after Sir Alex:


1. David Moyes:

Strengths – Vouched for by Sir Alex himself

                Coached at the highest level in the Premier League

                    Took Everton on a good run of games

Weakness – Changed the backroom staff

                    Released David Gill from the job

                    Did not understand the need to play the “United” way

                    Man management skills and ability to strike good player  combinations.

2. Louis Van Gaal:

Strengths – Perfect Tactician with solid philosophy and style of play

                    Encouraged rise of young academy players

                    Won Champions League and other trophies with elite clubs in Europe.

                    Won the FA Cup with Manchester United.

Weakness – Too rigid with his style of play

                    He needed time to get the players to understand his style of football.

                    Lost the confidence of the senior players in the squad.

                    No entertainment in his style of play.

Jose Murinho:

Strengths –

Won trophies with some of the biggest teams in Europe

His defensive style of play was an effective way of playing football

Counter-attacking strategist.

Attracted football stars to come play for him

Weakness –

Rigid and adamant in doing things his way

Man – management skills were horrible

Blamed players for loses and praised himself for wins

His ability to adapt to the changes in modern football was completely non-existent.

Lost the support of the fans and the players.

His brand of football became boring and didn’t help in United’s quest to rebuild.

Too self-centric

If you see the above descriptions none of the managers emphasized or tried to adapt their style of play to what United is used to playing. Manchester United has three qualities that cannot be overlooked at all when it comes to the style of football played.

1.    The entertainment and ability to take risks

2.    Attacking and counter attacking football

3.    The ability to fight till the end and wreak havoc and fear in the hearts of their opponents.

These factors were lost gradually after Sir Alex left the club. Manchester United under the three managers slowly started to lose its identity. As things worsened, the management sacked Jose Murinho and appointed Ole Gunnar Solskjear as a caretaker manager.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer struck a cord when he joined as a manager. Taking the job with United 11 points off the top four positions, the dressing room in disarray and the fans losing their love for the game, Ole turned the ship around.

He brought back the joy in the stadium, raised the spirit of the players, started playing attacking football and got the fans and the players to enjoy the game again.

Things Ole has done:

1.    Brought back the smile and belief among the players and fans not just at the Old Trafford but also for fans around the globe.

2.    He has got the players to start playing the United attacking football.

3.    He has made United a force to reckon with once more.

4.    The spirits to fight till the end no matter the score line.

5.    He has elevated and helped our football stars to play to their potential.

6.    He has brought back the identity of United that we had lost under the other managers.

United Under Ole Gunnar

> 11 Games

> 9 Wins

> 2 Draws

> 0 Defeats

> 29 Goals Scored

> 7 Goals Conceded

> 6 Clean Sheets

These stats show just how good he has been for the club since taking over. It also shows how United under the attacking style of football can be dangerous and dominating. When Manchester United where 11 points off the top four just 2 months ago are now gunning for the top three spots.

As a Manchester United legend in his playing days, Ole understands the lifestyle of United and the philosophy of the club. He understands what United are known for and his tenure as a player under Sir Alex Ferguson has allowed him to uphold the principles of the Club.

With the backing of the fans, ex-players and legends of United it is difficult to see how Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will be denied the job that he is doing so well.

GGMU!! Ole Solskjaer for United!!

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