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Will Manchester City be champions once again?

Pep Guardiola and his Manchester City continue to mesmerize the whole league under his spell. Klopp and Tuchel continue to struggle to meet the standards set by the title holders. Will they be champions once again?

Last updated: 29.12.2021
Will Manchester City be champions once again

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The King Power Stadium reverberated with the joy of Leicester fans as Michael Oliver blew the whistle to mark the end of a thrilling encounter. As Klopp went to embrace Brendan Rodgers the anguish in his face said it all. A defeat in the final game of the year was the last thing the team from Merseyside hoped for. Pep Guardiola and his Manchester City continue to mesmerize the whole league under his spell; Klopp and Tuchel continue to struggle to meet the standards set by the title holders.

Liverpool’s fall into slumber

There are certain moments which could define the whole season for a team. In is hard to understand the gravity what each incident could mean in terms of the whole context of the league. But Liverpool has certainly something to look for. AS Mohammed Salah prepared himself to take the penalty kick, a sensation ceased the whole stadium. Brendan Rogers face indicated that he is thinking of setting his plan B in motion. Even before Salah took the spot kick it felt as if Liverpool was already in lead. But, Kasper Schmeichel stood tall in front of his goal, refusing to go down so easily. As Salah looked up in the air wondering how he failed get his team in front the whole course of the game had already changed its course. Even in the direst situations Salah has managed to conjure up something to give what his team needed. However it wasn’t meant for him to drag his team across the line. Leicester with their stubbornness went on to punish and haunt Liverpool after a moment of brilliance from Lookman to put The Foxes in the driving seat. Liverpool now stand six points away from the top spot with the potential to fall even below with City to play their final game against Brentford.


Chelsea’s disrupted Euphoria    

The second contender is Chelsea who has fared well after the departure of their club legend Frank Lampard. Thomas Tuchel didn’t take much time to embed his tactics into the mind and movements of his players. Chelsea held the top spot for the majority of the period. Chelsea looked in control and determined to not give any opportunity to the teams on the hunt for their spot. Yet, coping with injuries and maintaining consistency is not an easy task to accomplish for any team. Chelsea ran out of their depth as Wolves shattered their outer skin of prowess. The Euphoria which Chelsea enjoyed for so long shattered into small pieces. Their attempt to restore their paradise dragged them further down from that state. Tuchel’s control over the situation started to loosen as the festive season of the Premier League arrived. Chelsea with their signs of fragility couldn’t cope up with the pace of the fixtures. Chelsea find themselves in the same situation as Liverpool. Both currently stand on 41 points and six points away from the summit.

What to expect in future

Manchester City has never lost the Premier League when they held the first position during Christmas. Pep is known to keep the ongoing tradition as well as setting some new ones. With the demand of consistency and composure Pep asks from his players City is unlikely to drop many points in the future. Chelsea and Liverpool are aware of this situation and can only continue to win on their own end. At the same time waiting for City to drop points. Even a draw can knock Liverpool and Chelsea out of the title race. The pressure will increase as the League enters its climax. For now Manchester City is the closest to becoming the champions of England.  

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