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Top 10 Youngsters in Football to Watch Out for in 2024

In this article, we are looking at the top 10 youngsters in football to watch out for in 2024. These ten youngsters possess a blend of skill, charisma, and potential that transcends the boundaries of the sport.

Sourav Ghosh
Last updated: 06.12.2023
Top 10 Youngsters in Football to Watch Out for in 2024

The heartbeat of football lies in its ability to reinvent itself through the emergence of young talents who carry the hopes and dreams of a generation. As we stand on the cusp of 2024, the anticipation surrounding the footballing world is palpable, and the spotlight is on the budding stars set to illuminate the global stage. Among them, these ten youngsters possess a blend of skill, charisma, and potential that transcends the boundaries of the sport. Each with a unique playing style and a story to tell, these rising footballers are not just players; they are the architects of the beautiful game's future.

Here are top 10 youngsters in football 


1. Iván Fresneda (Sporting CP):

  • Position: Defender

  • Playing Style: Known for his exceptional defensive skills and tactical awareness, Fresneda is a stalwart in the backline. His ability to read the game, make crucial interceptions, and initiate attacks from the defense has drawn comparisons to seasoned defenders.


2. Elye Wahi (RC Lens):

  • Position: Forward

  • Playing Style: Wahi is a versatile forward capable of playing across the attacking line. His speed, agility, and clinical finishing have made him a nightmare for defenders. Keep an eye on his ability to create and score goals.


3. Yunus Musah (AC Milan):

  • Position: Midfielder

  • Playing Style: The American midfielder has been turning heads with his performances at AC Milan. As a box-to-box midfielder, he excels in dribbling through opposition defenses and breaking lines. His maturity on the ball and decision-making set him apart.


4. Abakar Sylla (RC Strasbourg):

  • Position: Defender

  • Playing Style: The young defender from Guinea has been a rock in RC Strasbourg's defense. His strong tackling, aerial ability, and composure under pressure have solidified his role as a defensive stalwart. Watch for his leadership qualities on the field.


5. Tiago Tomás (VfL Wolfsburg):

  • Position: Striker

  • Playing Style: This Portuguese striker is a lethal goal-scorer with a knack for finding the back of the net. Tomás' clinical finishing and poise in front of goal have already earned him a reputation as one of the most promising young strikers. His positioning, movement off the ball, and clinical finishing have made him a rising star in the world of strikers. Expect him to be a goal-scoring machine.


6. El Bilal Touré (Atalanta):

   - Position: Forward

   - Playing Style: Touré is a flair player with a penchant for the spectacular. His dribbling skills, creativity in tight spaces, and goal-scoring ability make him a constant threat in the final third.


7. João Pedro (Brighton & Hove Albion):

  • Position: Attacker

  • Playing Style: João Pedro is a Brazilian attacker known for his dynamic playing style. Blessed with speed and technical ability, he can operate in various attacking positions. Watch for his flair in one-on-one situations.


8. Benjamin Šeško (RB Leipzig):

   - Position: Striker

   - Playing Style: Standing tall, Šeško combines physicality with finesse. His aerial prowess, powerful shots, and ability to hold up play make him a complete striker. Keep an eye on his contributions in the box.


9. Jérémy Doku (Manchester City):

   - Position: Winger

   - Playing Style: The Belgian winger has caught the eye with his electrifying pace and skill on the ball. Doku's ability to take on defenders and deliver dangerous crosses makes him a valuable asset for Manchester City.


10. Bertuğ Yıldırım (Stade Rennais):

- Position: Midfielder

- Playing Style: Yıldırım is a midfield maestro known for his passing accuracy and vision. As a playmaker, he dictates the rhythm of the game. Watch for his ability to unlock defenses with precise through balls.




As the curtains rise on the footballing spectacle of 2024, these ten prodigies stand poised to etch their narratives into the collective memory of fans worldwide. The beauty of their journeys lies not just in the goals they score or the tackles they make but in the stories they tell with every touch of the ball. In them, we find the embodiment of football's unyielding spirit – an eternal pursuit of greatness, an unwritten ode to the future. As we witness their ascent, we are not mere spectators; we are witnesses to the evolution of the beautiful game through the eyes of its future custodians. The stage is set, the players are ready, and the world awaits the next chapter in the mesmerizing saga of football.

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