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5 Things To Keep In Mind While Playing Golf Solo

In this article, we take a look at the 5 things to keep in mind while playing golf solo. Here we discuss pros and cons of playing golf alone.

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 03.08.2023
5 Things To Keep In Mind While Playing Golf Solo


Whether you're an introvert who wants to get away from the hustle and bustle or just want to focus on perfecting your look without distractions, playing golf alone has its pros and cons, just like anything else.

It all comes down to personal preference, and depending on your preference, you may not be able to play golf alone.

Some courses may restrict single play during peak hours, while others may allow partners for safety reasons.




Flexibility in scheduling tee times

Being bored

Focus on personal goals

Might get stuck behind a group

No need to make a conversation

No witnesses to your great shots

Play as many holes as you like

No competition

Alone time and relaxation in nature

Fewer tee times

Increase your confidence on the course

No feedback or advice

No pressure

Less motivation and accountability

Freedom to practice and improve skills at your own pace.

Unable to learn from others by watching their techniques.

Pros of Playing Golf Alone:

  • Play Better:

When you play golf with other people there is always competition, which can make you play better or worse, but you can't fully focus on your play. The feeling of being alone on the track, being able to fully focus on the task at hand, no embarrassment when you miss a shot, and no one to impress, completely unburdens your mind. Pressure affects everyone, but those who tend to play a little worse with pressure can certainly benefit from playing alone.

  • Zero Distractions:

Today, we live a really busy and distracting life, but our smartphones keep us entertained with new emails, WhatsApp, and Facebook notifications. Our metropolitan areas are always congested, workplaces can be chaotic and noisy, and air quality can be poor. Spending time alone on the golf course can be very peaceful and calm. You can spend time alone with nature, soak up all the sights and smells and forget all your worries.

  • Faster Game:

You spend most of your time playing golf listening to other people finding balls or sinking putts. When playing on your own you only have to worry about changing your ball in the rough, which can be bad enough if you’re anything like me. One of the worst effects of playing in 3 or 4 balls is that it can take a lot longer to finish a round and everybody is so busy these days, finishing up hastily can be a big perk. That being said, playing on your own is a bit brisk once you don’t get caught behind a group ahead of you but they should nearly always let you play through anyway.

  • Better Opportunity to practice:

Being on the course alone allows you to ameliorate your game with a lot further openings for practice shots. However, you know that they’re not going to catch up with you because it'll take them a lot longer to play each hole If you go past a three or four-ball. When you play in a group you're in a rush because you don’t want to hold anyone up, but playing alone you can take plenitude of retakes from the positions where you want to ameliorate the most and you can drill a lot of thickness into your game by rehearsing the shots where you struggle over and over again without fussing about who's coming behind you.

●    Trumps the Driving Range:

The driving range is a great place to work on your swing, strength and overall style, but it's far from reality. Hitting the ball off the perfect hitting mat or hitting the same ball over and over again with the same trader can do a lot, but nothing beats reality on the golf course. To be good at golf, you need to know how to hit the ball from the rough, various basements and obstacles, and a variety of pitches, whether uphill or downhill.

Cons of Playing Golf Alone:

  • Solo Players have No rights on the course:

In the game of golf, a lone player has no rights on the course. He has to get everyone else in the group to pass four balls, taking much longer than he does to complete each hole. However, these rules apply only under strict circumstances. It doesn't make sense for one to take longer than a four-ball. However, keep this in mind as a habit.

●    Dreaded Swing:

Playing in a group puts a lot of pressure on the tee shot, but playing alone the pressure is ten times that. You're playing golf alone, so you won't be getting weird looks from the rest of the group anytime soon, and if you hit a stinker off the tee it can cause serious embarrassment.

●    Most Golf Courses don't permit Solo Players:

Playing alone can cause a lot of trouble in society, and people aren't used to seeing solo players too often, so they can be rated negatively. This is not something that bothers some too much, but if the slightest negativity can upset you, then it’s worth your attention.

    You can’t enter your handicap into official scoring systems:

If you play the game alone, you cannot submit scorecards to reach the permitted handicap. Golf is a gentleman's sport and largely a trust-based game, but the temptation to tip the odds in your favour when alone is too great for the average man to overcome. You can play alone to improve what you want, but you'll need to play in front of others for it to count towards your scorecard and handicap.

●    Can be Boring:

If you often play the same course alone, some days can be great fun, while others can get a little boring with the same holes being played over and over again.

●    Social Stigma:

Solo play can be heavily stigmatized in society, and people are not used to seeing solo players too often, so they can be judged negatively. Some won’t mind it that much, but if a little negativity offends you, it's very possible, so keep that in mind.

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