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How can the Ping G430 irons improve your golf game?

The Ping G430 iron blends faster ball speeds with higher launch and increased forgiveness to create a brilliant game-improving iron that’s perfect for mid-handicap golfers.

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 15.08.2023
How can the Ping G430 irons improve your golf game

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Ping are renowned for making some of the most forgiving golf irons available, and the Ping G range has been hugely popular since the original Ping G2 iron launched back in 2004.


Every iteration since has improved on looks, forgiveness, and power, but rather than simply continue that trend with the G430, Ping asked themselves: ‘How do distance irons lead to better scoring?’ They identified a few key things they could implement in the G430 irons to help amateur golfers play better and score better.



Help on low impacts


Thanks to their continual studies into golfers and their equipment, Ping knew that 75% of iron shots hit by mid-handicap golfers impact low on the clubface. It made perfect sense, then, to make lowering the centre of gravity in the G430 a priority, along with optimising the face’s variable thickness to reflect low-face impacts.


Extra distance


Not only are the Ping G430 irons more helpful when you hit the lower grooves, they also offer a significant distance increase over their predecessor, the G425 irons.


Thanks to a new heat treatment, the G430’s 17-4 hyper stainless-steel face is 3% thinner than its predecessor’s. The thinner face, along with fractionally stronger lofts (29° 7-iron vs 30° in the G425 iron), deliver 2+ mph faster ball speeds, resulting in a 7 to 10-yard gain in carry distance.


Higher launch

The Ping G430 sees shots fly higher than before, thanks to the new lower centre of gravity. This means there will be no difficulty in stopping shots on the green.


Lower spin


The Ping G430 irons produce lower spin than their predecessor, which results in a 23% lower dispersion than the G425. The lower spin also boosts distance, while not compromising stopping power on the green thanks to the greater peak height created by the lower centre of gravity.


Looking the part


Performance data is all well and good, but there’s a lot to be said for the confidence you get from using clubs you love the look of.


The Ping G range of irons have been the best-selling Ping irons for almost two decades, and in that time an increasingly wide range of golfers – including some very good players– have put them in the bag. As a result, Ping have worked on making the looks more appealing, and the G430 are more compact and attractive than ever before, with no trade-off in terms of performance.


More bounce


Ping G irons have always been among the most forgiving irons on the market, and Ping have added 1° more bounce to the soles of the G430 so golfers get extra insurance against hitting destructive heavy and fat shots.


Help for slow swings


For the first time, Ping have developed a whole new High Launch set-up within the whole G430 family, specifically designed to help golfers with slow swing speeds.


The High Launch model is approximately 15% lighter and comes with a swing weight that suits slower swings, alongside a lighter shaft to help boost speed. If you swing your 7-iron below 75mph, the Ping G430 HL could really give you a boost in launch and distance.   

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