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Greatest Touchdowns in NFL History

Check out here the list of greatest touchdowns in NFL history. In American football, a touchdown is worth six points and is followed by an extra point or two-point conversion attempt.

Last updated: 06.11.2022
Greatest Touchdowns in NFL History

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Check out here the list of greatest touchdowns in NFL history. In American football, a touchdown is worth six points and is followed by an extra point or two-point conversion attempt. 

Brett Favre Vikings Game-Winner



You’ll see the veteran gunfighter on this list again soon.

He was renowned for being one of the most clutch quarterbacks of all time before he became famous for sending images of himself to attractive women.

The old man still had the charm, albeit it seemed strange to see him perform it while wearing a Vikings uniform.


Antonio Cromartie 109-Yard Return


Even though Cromartie’s 109-yard run on its own is pretty absurd, the fact that he did it after a field goal to finish the half only adds to how awesome this is.


Brett Favre Monday Night Football in Oakland


One of the best games ever seen was thrown by Brett Favre the night his father passed away, and those that count themselves among the fortunate few to have been present agree.

He threw some outrageous touchdowns, and they were all entertaining to watch.


Titans vs. Bills Fake Punt


The fake punt is arguably the most audacious call ever made. Normally, the objective is to simply gain a first down, but in this case, the touchdown serves as the icing on the cake.


Andre Johnson vs. Ravens


Andre Johnson demonstrates why he’s regarded as one of the finest in the game, according to many.

Even if that was a crucial score, you should still be impressed by the talent it took him to put both feet down with such precision.


Larry Fitzgerald Flea Flicker Catch


Due to its history as a backyard favorite, the Flea Flicker has the potential to become an instant classic if it performs well in the NFL.

Fitzgerald made a fantastic catch, and there you have it!

Plaxico Burress Super Bowl Winner


Even though this play doesn’t appear particularly impressive, the New York Giants used their excellent execution to shatter the New England Patriots’ absurdly perfect season.


Tracy Porter Super Bowl Pick Six


A pick six is almost the only thrilling game there is. Apart from a pick six to win the Super Bowl for a team and a struggling city.


Shaun Rogers Interception


Simply because it is so fantastic to see this huge behemoth bumble and rumble his way into the end zone. Most often bring up this play.

The close call with cardiac arrest in the end zone was merely the cherry on top.

Any time a big man scores, it’s good.


Adrian Peterson 64-Yard Run


One of the best runners in the NFL is without a doubt Adrian Peterson. Scary things can occur when he really gets going, and in one instance, he figuratively threw people out of the way.

Randy Moss One-Handed Catch


People probably aren’t aware of the speed at which Tom Brady threw this ball.

Moss caught it out of the air like a beach ball drifting into his hand after Brady threw it on a string.


DeSean Jackson Game-Winning Punt Return


Jackson made a fantastic play, but the Giants’ coverage of it was egregiously poor.

In any case, Jackson made a spectacular run, and in my opinion, this put the Giants’ chances of making the playoffs to rest.

Tom Coughlin may still be yelling at Matt Dodge, in my opinion.


Joshua Cribbs Kick Return


For the Browns, this play had the potential to go horribly wrong, but thanks to Cribbs, it ended up being laughably successful.

Andre Johnson One-Handed Touchdown Catch

By one of the best you will ever see, another outstanding catch.

He brought it in with one hand just before he ran out of room while hugging the sideline the entire time.


Santonio Holmes Super Bowl Game-Winner


Most never understand how Holmes had the resources to put both of his feet on the ground in this circumstance.

But it would be absolutely absurd if this grab were to win the Super Bowl.


Steve Smith vs. Houston Texans


During this play, Steve Smith ought to have been on the ground roughly eight times.

He did, however, evade a severe pile-on tackle, and the eight spectators there were blown away by his incredible touchdown run.


James Harrison 100-Yard Interception Return


The yardage of an interception return in a Super Bowl is now a record.

Even if the stat stood alone, have a look at the run itself!


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