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Can India host the 2036 Olympic Games?

Can India host the 2036 Olympic Games? It’s 14 years till 2036 and it’s enough time for the government to get the required infrastructure in place.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 30.12.2022
Can India host the 2036 Olympic Games?

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This looks like a simple question right? However it is more complicated than one can realize. India has become a powerhouse in the Olympic circle in the past decade plus and now that the Government of India wants to host the Olympics in India and in Ahmedabad and the preparations have been going on for years and there is still time left for the bidding and to develop the infrastructure to take place.

Before we get into this topic, I would like to say that a decade ago this question would not have arisen at all and the fact that we are even discussing the possibility of hosting as early as 2036 is something to be very proud of and now let’s see whether this can be a possibility.

Yes, I think India can host the 2036 Olympics


This would sound like I am an eternal optimist but I base this with solid reason. First reason is that since the past few years The Government of India has decided to create an out of the world sports enclosure which will have all the Sports that are needed for The Olympics to take place and the time frame of 14 years till 2036 gives the government the perfect time to get everything in place and host the heat Olympic Games. Before that the bidding process will take place and I think India will be in a great position to bid and show the progress it has made in the infrastructure and the other facilities.

The second reason I think that India can host the 2036 Olympics is because there is a sporting culture in India and there are lots of sportspersons that are famous and are the heroes for the youth in India and hosting the Olympics in India will only give the young players a lot of motivation to train hard and one day represent their country. Till the time 2036 comes , India will be in a position where it will be able to win a lot of medals and not embarrass the country.

The third reason is that there is political will this time around and those in the know have said that the Prime Minister has made It his personal mission to bring the Olympics in India and we have seen that whatever sporting events the Prime Minister wants to host it happens in India and the IOA has become a better sporting organization where the president of IOA is the legendary PT Usha and there is also a committee set up consisting of 10 elite sports persons for the betterment of the game in India.

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