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Oldest Olympian ever | Oldest Olympics Athletes of all time

Here is the list of the oldest Olympic athletes of all time. The performance and the Olympic appearance at such an age show that sports have no age limit too.

Last updated: 06.02.2021
oldest olympian ever | Sports Social Blog

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The Olympics is the greatest sporting event in human history. It is every athlete's dream to participate in the Olympics. 

Here is the list of the oldest olympic athletes of all time. The performance and the olympic appearance at such an age show that sports have no age limit too.



5. Sybil Queenie Newall:

The oldest olympic archer and the oldest woman to participate in an Olympics is the Sybil Queenie Newall. She was part of the third edition of the modern Olympics in 1908 which happened in London. She participated in the category of archery and at that time, she was 53 years and 275 days old.


4. Carl August Verner Kronlund:

In the 1924 Olympics that took place in Chamonix, the silver medal winner of the Silver medal was very special. He was the oldest athlete in that Olympic edition and also one of the oldest athletes to bag an Olympic medal. At the time of appearance, Carl August Kronlund was 58 years and 155 days old.


3. Lorna Johnstone:

Lorna Johnstone represented his country in the 1972 Munich Olympics. He participated in the category of Equestrian. He was 72 years and 5 days old when he represented his home country, Great Britain in the Olympic games.


2. Hiroshi Hoketsu:

Another athlete who is above the age of 70 represented his home country in the Olympics. It was the Equestrian athlete Hiroshi Hoketsu in the 2012 London Olympics. He was 71 years old when he represented Japan in that edition of the Olympics.


1. Oscar Gomer Swahn:

Swedish athlete Oscar Swahn is the oldest Olympic shooter in history so far. He represented Sweden in the 1920 Olympics in Antwerp and participated in the event of Shooting. At the time of the Olympic appearance he was 72 years and 281 days old.

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