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Top 10 best Mens 200 Mts Olympics timings in history

Here is the list of top 10 fastest Mens 200 Mts Olympics record timings in history. Athletics in the Olympics is the most exciting sports category in the Olympics. Within that the sprint events have a separate fan base.

Last updated: 29.11.2020
Olympic record 200m run in Olympics history | Sports Social Blog

Athletics in the Olympics is the most exciting sports category in the Olympics. Within that the sprint events have a separate fan base. Here is the list of the top 10 runs in men’s 200 meters in Olympic history.


1. Usain Bolt:

It is impossible to think about a sprint record without the name of the fastest athlete on earth. Ussain Bolt holds the Olympic record for the fastest run in 200 meters. In the 200 meters final of 2008 Beijing Olympics Bolt finished his run in 19.30 seconds and he won the gold medal that day. This is so far the fastest run in 200 meters in Olympic history.


2. Michael Johnson:

Before the reign of Usain Bolt in the race track, it was Michael Johnson of the USA who ruled the fastest events in athletics. The second fastest athlete to complete a 200 meter race in Olympic history is Michael Johnson. This performance was in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. In the finals he finished the race in 19.32 seconds and won the Gold medal for the USA.

3. Usain Bolt:

Bolt won his consecutive 200 meters Olympics gold medal in 2012. In the Olympics that were held in London, he finished the run in just 19.32 seconds and won the Gold medal for Jamaica the second time in a row.


4. Yohan Blake:

Yohan Blake is one of the best sprinters who have run in the Olympics. He also comes from Jamaica and is considered as one of the biggest competitors to Usain Bolt.  In the London Olympics of 2012 he won the silver medal in 200 Meters completing the race in 19.44 seconds. This is the fourth fastest performance in Olympic history.


5. Frankie Fredericks:

The 5th best performance in 200 meters was done by one of the best athletes in Namibian history, Frankie Fredericks. In the Atlanta Olympics of 1996 he finished the game in 19.68 seconds and won the silver medal. This performance still remains as the 5th best.


6. Michael Marsh:

In the Barcelona Olympics of 1992, Michael Marsh of the USA won the Gold medal in 200 meters. He finished the race in 19.73 seconds which remains as the 6th fastest finish even after 28 years.


7. Joe Deloach:

American sprinter Joe Deloach won the gold medal in 19.75 seconds in the 200 meter finals of the 1988 Seoul Olympics. This time was recorded as the then Olympic record and still remains as the 7th best performance till date.  


8. Usain Bolt:

In the semi-finals of 2016 Rio Olympics, Ussain Bolt finished the race in 19.78 seconds and got qualified to the finals. This was his third consecutive 200 meter semi-final in the Olympics. This performance from the world’s best sprinter remains the 8th best performance till date.


9. Usain Bolt:

Usain Bolt won his third Olympic gold in 200 meters at Rio Olympics in 2016. He is the first athlete in history to win 3 consecutive gold medals in this category. He finished his third final at a time of 19.78 seconds and won the gold for his motherland Jamaica.


10. Carl Lewis:

Carl Lewis is one of the legendary athletes from the USA. He is very famous for his amazing performance in track events. He won the silver medal in the 1988 Seoul Olympics by completing the race in 19.79 seconds. This is the 10th best finishing time in the men's 200 meter category of Olympics.

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