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What are the differences between rugby sevens and standard rugby?

Rugby sevens and standard rugby, also known as rugby union, are both versions of the sport of rugby. Here we take a look at what are the differences between rugby sevens and standard rugby.

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 08.02.2023
What are the differences between rugby sevens and standard rugby

Rugby sevens and standard rugby, also known as rugby union, are both versions of the sport of rugby. Right now betting online is profitable with 1xBet, and punters can use this website to win juicy rewards. However, they have some key differences in terms of the rules and gameplay.


The most obvious difference is the number of players on the field. Rugby sevens is played with seven players per team, while standard rugby is played with 15 players per team. At this moment making online betting with 1xBet is quite profitable, and this is especially true if wagering on the Rugby section of the platform.


This has a significant impact on the gameplay, as there is less space on the field for players to move around. Also, the game tends to be more open and fast-paced in rugby sevens.

More than just the number of players

Another major difference is the duration of the game. Many individuals have found out that 1xBet offers best slots, that are perfect for playing while waiting for matches of either kind of rugby.


Rugby sevens matches are shorter, with two seven-minute halves, while standard rugby matches are longer, with two 40-minute halves. This means that rugby sevens games are more intense, as there is less time for teams to make a comeback if they fall behind.


Other differences between the two variations of the sport include:


  • While the scoring system is the same, in sevens, players try to score more tries than penalties, as they give more points and give less time to the opponents to react;

  • the offside rule also has some slight differences;

  • and also, there are variations in the number of tackles that can be made before having to hand the ball over to the opposing side.


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Differences in physical demands

In terms of physicality, Rugby sevens is considered less physical than standard rugby. The smaller number of players on the field reduces the chances of collisions and injuries, and the shorter game time means that players don't get as fatigued. If you like this variation of the sport you can try live sport betting - features the best odds in the market.


In terms of competition level, Rugby sevens is considered less competitive than standard rugby. Rugby sevens is usually played in tournaments and is gaining popularity as an Olympic sport. Standard rugby, on the other hand, is played in leagues and has a more traditional and established base of followers. Punters may also try live sports betting at 1xBet on all exciting matches that this sport can offer.



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