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Lesser known spouses of the famous sportspersons of India

Let's take a look at the finest athletes and Sportspersons of India and their better halves who are their constant source of motivation

Last updated: 05.03.2019
Lesser known spouses of the famous sportspersons of India | Sports Social Blog

Athletes and Sportspersons who represent countries at international platforms are usually famous but very little is ever seen or heard about their spouses! In a country like India that is obsessed with only one sport, cricket, the achievements of players involved in other sports get overshadowed. Keeping the achievements aside, let's take a look at the finest athletes and Sportspersons of India and their better halves who are their constant source of motivation and major support system.



The fact that Mary Kom is one of those athletes who after giving birth to two babies didn't stop representing India in boxing isn't hidden from anybody. Not only that, she has also won the championships internationally. But how many of us know that her husband, Karung was a major support system throughout her journey from motherhood to knocking out boxers inter-nationally. Kom, who's married to footballer Onkholer since 2005, met in the year 2000 when her luggage was stolen in the train while on her way to a sports meet. Kom, with her husband and children, now stay in the city of Imphal. She runs a boxing academy there.


The young wrestler won everyone's heart when she won the bronze medal in Olympics 2016. Malik became the first female wrestler to win a medal for India. Soon after the event she announced her wedding with Indian wrestler Satyawart Kadian whom she had met and fallen in love with during their wrestling tournaments. In April 2017, the couple had a grand wedding that was attended by many well-known celebrities. Sakshi claims that Satyawart is very supportive of her and thinks of her dreams as his own.


Indian football team captain Sunil Chhetri got married in a private ceremony to Sonam Bhattacharya in 2017. Sonam and Sunil had a long-time relationship before they got married. His wife, Sonam, is the daughter of Mohun Bagan Legend Subrata Bhattacharya. She is a very talented woman and has done her business management graduate from Scotland and now owns and runs two hotels in Kolkata.


Sushil Kumar, one of the India's greatest wrestlers who has been bringing glory to our country on an international level since the year got married to Savi Solanki in the year 2011. The power duo had an arranged marriage but only got to spend two months together in the first year of their wedding. Sushil claims that her wife, Savi is one of the reasons why he never lost faith in himself.


Vishwanathan Anand, a Brahmin by birth is the current World Rapid Chess Champion former World Chess Champion. Anand married Aruna in the year 1996, and have a son together who was born in 2001. They will celebrate their 23rd anniversary this fall. Had Vishy Anand not tied the knot with Aruna, the Indian Chess scenario would have been a lot different. Her constant support to Anand was of great help for him to achieve whatever he has right now.


Milkha Singh, more popularly known as “The Flying Sikh” has won gold medals for India during the Commonwealth Games and Asian Games. The Padmashri awardee got married to Nirmal Kaur, a former captain of Indian Women's Volleyball team. Both of them were in the field of sports and knew the difficulties involved in each other’s respective sport, making them even more compatible. The duo met in Ceylon in 1955 and after a few years of a happy relationship, they tied the knot in 1962. The couple is blessed with three daughters and two sons.

Now that was a list guys. This was the first part of our list. We will be back soon with the next article in which we are going to throw some light on the lesser known partners of the finest and popular sportspersons and players on an international level. Stay tuned and watch this space.

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