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Do you know Ayesha Curry?

According to her Insta, Ayesha curry is a Believer. Wife. Mommy. Passionate Dual Citizen. Living in my indestructible bubble of happiness.

Last updated: 12.03.2019
Ayesha Curry | Sports Social Blog

We all know how most of the wives of celebrities tend to be easing into their spouse’s fame and venturing into new fields and gaining success within the popularity and influence of their spouse. Well, there is one person who hasn’t done that and that person is Ayesha Curry, the wife of Stephen Curry.

Those of you who don’t know Stephan Curry, He is a 3 time NBA Champion, 6 Time All-Star and 2 Time NBA MVP and the first ever unanimous NBA MVP in the history of the sport. Well, Ayesha Curry has ventured onto her path to success since the start of 2013 by starting a Youtube channel called ‘Little Lights of Mine’ which included videos of her cooking and sharing recipes of her favorite meals and daily vlogs. Much of the time being spent for the betterment of the cutlery world by reviewing cutlery products and for daily users of cookware products. She has nearly 600k subscribers on Youtube. Since then she hasn’t looked back and has started a Cookware line of her own called ‘Homemade’ which are available on most of the retailers like Target, Walmart and had sold out her products in the first 14 hours. She is a chef and has been a TV host and had her own show which involved her daily life and her life with her husband and three kids.

She is a huge influencer on Instagram as she has a staggering 6.1 million and counting followers where she posts her daily life and the products which she uses. She recently partnered with one of the biggest Domain companies in the world which is ‘Go Daddy’ through which people can shop her line of kitchen and home items.

Insta Handle: Ayesha Curry

It is not so common for the spouses of Celebrities to start their own journey to success and thrive on it. Ayesha Curry has loved cooking since she was 10 according to her Mother and has ever since been the one to try out new dishes, a new combination of snacks and drinks. With the help of few investors and Chef Michael Mina, She has been fortunate to open up not one but three restaurants in the span of 2 years. Her restaurant which is called ‘The International Smoke’ has been a huge hit and has taken off. Ayesha Curry was named under Forbes ‘30 Under 30’ in the previous year 2018. She was fortunate enough to share a stage with her idol and speak alongside Mrs.Michelle Obama on her book tour of Becoming. Ayesha Curry is also an author of the best selling book ‘The Seasoned Life’.

She has done all of this within the span of 6 years and raising 3 kids. Not a lot of them can brag about these facts.

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