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Providing Youth the opportunity to train under SAI Coaches | COME and PLAY Scheme

The SAI Scheme of Come and Play launched in 2011 and various stadia were thrown open with the objective to encourage sports participation.

Last updated: 17.12.2017
Come and Play Scheme - Sports Authority of India | Sports Social Blog

Sports Authority of India (SAI) has opened all of its 5 stadiums for the public. To apply for 'Come and Play' scheme', you have to fill up a registration form and submit it to the stadium where you want to do practice. In this blog, you will get a detailed information about what is Come and Play' Scheme and apply for it.



The Come & Play Scheme was initiated for optimum utilization of SAI sports facilities in Delhi and across the country, and primarily focussed on encouraging local sportspersons in areas where SAI sports facilities/Centres are operational. While providing youth from local communities and sports enthusiasts with an opportunity to train under SAI coaches, the scheme provides yet another avenue for those not covered under regular residential/ non-residential schemes. The scheme creates yet another pool of talented sportspersons from where meritorious sportspersons can be scouted and inducted into regular residential sports promotional schemes of STC and SAG.


The Scheme was initiated at various SAI Stadium Complexes in Delhi, in phases, in May 2011. The enthusiasm and overwhelming response to the scheme encouraged SAI to launch this Scheme at its various Regional Centres/Sub Centres/Academic Institutions/STC and SAG Centres from 1st October 2011.


 Name of Stadiums:

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium

Indira Gandhi Sports Complex

Dr. Karni Singh Shooting Ranges

Major Dhyanchand Stadium

Dr. Syama Prasad Mukherjee Swimming Pool Complex



The trainees are provided playing arenas/non-consumable equipment like a field, track, tables, mats, etc. Minimum and inescapable consumables like balls, shuttle-cocks, etc. are also provided by SAI. Trainees are, however, required to bring sports equipment like racquets, bats etc.


Sports covered under Come and Play' Scheme:

Although the sports discipline which is covered under this scheme are decided by the In-charge Regional Centre/Sub-Centre on the basis of available infrastructure, sports equipment and coaches of the concerned stadium, following sports can be played by a sportsperson in the stadiums of SAI under Come and Play' Scheme:


  • Hockey

  • Volleyball

  • Swimming (Not for beginners)

  • Badminton

  • Judo Cricket

  • Weightlifting

  • Football

  • Table Tennis

  • Wrestling

  • Basketball

  • Cycling

  • Gymnastics

  • Boxing

  • Shooting

  • Boxing



The scheme is given wide publicity through a press release in local media, including newspapers, TV spots and Radio jingles etc. Information/ intimation is provided to the various district, block, local authorities and the District Education Officers/District Sports Officers as also Headmasters/Principals of schools/colleges in and around SAI Centres so that maximum number of trainees are made aware of the facilities available, thereby enabling them to access it better.




 The Scheme has been revised as per the details are given in this sheet:-

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