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National Sports Talent Contest Scheme | To scout and nurture sports talent in India

To Scout and nurture sports talent in India, Sports Authority of India has National Talent Search Portal for any eligible youth.

Last updated: 11.12.2017
Main motoo behind this scheme is to provide the required facilities, coaching and motivation for talented school children

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National Sports Talent Contest, (NSTC) Scheme is being implemented to scout sports  talent in the age group of 8-14 years from schools and nurture them into future medal hopes by providing scientific training

The main motoo behind this scheme is to provide the required facilities, coaching and motivation for talented school children in sports and nurture them for presenting India at International Levels.


Under the Scheme, schools having good sports infrastructure and record of creditable sports performances are adopted by SAI. The Scheme enables the budding sportsperson to study and play in the same school. In addition to the main scheme of NSTC (launched 1985) wherein regular schools are adopted, a few distinct sub-schemes were launched to further reach out to sports talent in India, even those participating in indigenous sports and games.

Financial Norms:

Disciplines covered under the NSTC:

Regular schools - Athletics, Basketball, Football, Gymnastics, Hockey, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Swimming Table Tennis, Volleyball & Wrestling (11 Disciplines).

IGMA - Archery, Gatka, Kabaddi, Kalariapayatu, Mukna, Thang-Ta, Silambam, Khomlainai (08 Disciplines)

Akharas – Wrestling (1 Discipline)

NS NIS trained coaches are provided to adopted schools & akhara.

  • For Regular schools/ Akharas - Trainees, who are medal winners in State/National Level Competitions are automatically admitted into the Scheme, subject, to their being found medically fit. Trainees who are medal winners at District Level Competition or have participation in State Level Competitions are admitted subject to their being found fit medically and physically and also have the required potential which is assessed by battery of tests.

  • For selection from the remote, tribal & coastal areas, the trainees are also selected through competitions organized for the purpose.  Selection is done by a Selection Committee consisting of representatives of SAI, School/Akhara, SAI coaches, Sports Scientists etc. The sports persons identified on this basis are offered admission after age verification, medical examination and on found suitable by applying battery of tests.

  • IGMA - Open competitions are organized for scouting and spotting of talent.

At present there are 13 Regular adopted schools, 10 schools adopted to promote indigenous games/martial arts. 40 Akharas adopted being trained. There are a total No. of Trainees 1190 (946 Boys & 244 Girls) trainees under the NSTC Scheme.

See Video for more information about other govt. sports scheme:

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