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Tech Advancements in the NBA in Recent History that Changed the Experience of League

Basketball has developed into a billion-dollar sport with improved regulations and technology breakthroughs. Check out the tech advancements in the NBA in recent history that changed the experience of the league.

Last updated: 28.01.2022
Tech Advancements in the NBA in Recent History that Changed the Experience of League

Innumerable lives have been transformed and benefited because of the digital revolution, including sports. The sporting world has not been spared from the changes. The NBA and its personnel have been particularly receptive to new ideas, initiatives, and technology. The association is today dominated by progressive statistics, wearable technology, and an abundance of other similar technologies. These and other advancements are altering how people watch, evaluate, and play the game.

Basketball has developed into a billion-dollar sport with improved regulations and technology breakthroughs that have permanently transformed the game. It's difficult to notice the technical advancements that molded this spirit since we're surrounded by it. That's why we've chosen to showcase some of the technology breakthroughs that have permanently impacted the game of basketball.

SportVU Camera

SportVU is an automatic ID and tracking system that can capture data on the ball, players, and officials' positions during a game. Players, referees, and the ball are all tracked using precise x,y coordinates. Software analyses the footage 25 times every second, storing information on where everyone is and what's going on. Databases are updated with 1,000,000 entries every game. Player position and defender closeness to a player are now available without having to chart and follow a game by hand and sight. In other words, SportVu's contribution to the defense makes it more tangible.


Fans may now purchase single-game broadcasts online in addition to season-long subscriptions to NBA League Pass, which allows them to watch any team's games from anywhere. Fans may now see any two clubs in the league play in a single game. They may also see the game on a growing number of platforms.

Wearable Chips and Sensors

Wearable sensors and microchips have become essential components of several NBA teams' uniforms. The teams employ technology in a variety of methods to keep track of their athletes. The technical bench for the clubs will be able to track critical parameters such as rehab progress, player workload, leaping, acceleration, and more using the technology. Because the microchips do not interfere with the players' comfort during games, they have proven a tremendous success.

Coaches Eye

Coaches Eye is a piece of software that comes with an app for each of the major mobile operating systems. Coaches, trainers, and even parents may use the app to record basketball players during games or practice sessions. You can obtain rapid or slow-motion replays, side-by-side comparisons, and more using the program.

Social Media

The NBA's popularity has benefited greatly from social media. Teams use it to increase the size of their fan base. During every NBA game, numerous fans "live-tweet" the action. Their comments, analyses, and, perhaps most importantly, highlights reach more eyes and ears than ever before. The emergence of social media has transformed how fans, writers, and athletes engage in the sports world.

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