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5 big advantages of betting on sports and playing casino games from a mobile device

In this article, we take a look at the top 5 big advantages of betting on sports and playing casino games from a mobile device. The apps have some advantages over mobile sites that attract a lot of people.

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 27.09.2023
advantages of betting on sports and playing casino games from a mobile device

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One of the big pluses of iGaming that users take for granted is related to the possibility of using handheld devices. Although most online casinos are the ones that have better mobile options, websites for punting on sports also started providing top-tier products. 


When talking about mobile betting, a lot of gamblers think of mobile sites, but we also have to talk about the different apps. In fact, in terms of comfort and user-friendliness, the 1xbet mobile app offers everything you might need in the palm of your hand, which is one of the reasons why the number of people who choose the app increases all the time. The apps have some advantages over mobile sites that attract a lot of people, even those who are not fans of iGaming.



With that said, not many fans are aware of all the benefits of punting on sports and playing games on the go. That’s why this review will go over some of them.

1. There might be additional markets for sports


If you like sports and want to bet on the team you like using a mobile device, you should find the same options that are accessible to those who use the desktop platform. However, some of the leading websites for sports wagering have a few extra perks, such as exclusive markets.

Most of these special alternatives can be accessed on a mobile device because the operators want to attract as many new customers as possible. Needless to say, users like accessing unique options, and since the only way to get access to them is via the app, they decide to download it.

2. There are almost always special kinds of features


When discussing features for online betting, most people think of options for sports. However, there are also cases where online casinos also have some options, such as the ability for people to use casino games for free.


Even though most features are cross-platform and can be used on many devices, there are at least a couple of mobile-only options. If we go over the options for wagering on sports, we can find different statistics that allow people to track important data and use it when placing bets. Another sports feature that’s usually mobile-exclusive is called Bet Builder because it lets gamblers add multiple markets from the same event into one.

3. Additional language options


Although this is not something everyone is interested in, having access to more language options is definitely a plus. Non-English speakers often decide not to use a given gambling platform because they’re not confident in their language skills and are afraid they could make a mistake. Of course, gambling operators know it, so they try to do everything they can to prevent this from happening. One of the steps they take is to provide additional language options, but only to their applications. 


Thanks to this, gambling sites stimulate users  to download and install gambling apps on their devices

4. Mobile-only bonuses


Almost every article about online gambling has to share some information regarding bonuses because those things attract a lot of people. If we look at some of the best applications for gambling, we can see that many of them have bonuses that people can use on their desktop devices. However, those things are not enough, so people who like mobile gambling will almost always find several additional perks.


Most of the mobile bonuses are only available when people do something, such as verifying their account or making a deposit via the app. However, there are many instances where gamblers could receive a perk just for deciding to use the operator’s mobile services. 


The perks related to wagering on sports provide extra credits and free bets, whereas the bonuses for the casino are free spins and other types of deals. It really depends on what you are interested in.

5. Special contact options


The last thing we want to talk about in this article is that some gambling websites that offer quality mobile services will allow people to use additional contact options. Those needing help or more information will find things like an email and live chat, but almost all apps offer a phone number. The latter is the quickest way of getting help when needed.

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