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Major Sports Events 2024: The Complete 2024 Sports Calendar

Explore the thrill of 2024's major sports events! From intense competitions to unforgettable moments, don't miss the action. Plan your sports calendar now!

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 10.01.2024
Major Sports Events 2024 | The Complete 2024 Sports Calendar

2024 is a year where there are a lot of incredible sporting Events happening throughout the year and this is the year where the biggest sporting event which happens every 4 years will take place as well. Athletes in every sport will be able to showcase their skills throughout the year and entertain the fans around the world. From January to December it will be packed.

List of Major Sports Events 2024

Australian Open 2024 – 14th to 28th January

The first Tennis Grand Slam of the year will be the first major sporting Event to take place in 2024. This will be the most star studded Australian Open in years as not only will Novak Djokovic be competing but Rafael Nadal will play his final year as a tennis player. It will be emotional for all his fans. The women will also set the standard at the Australian Open.

Super Bowl LVIII - 11th February

The biggest match of the NFL will happen in February and it is one of the biggest sporting Events all year. Almost all of America will watch the match and major Hollywood studios will unveil trailers of their big movies at the event as well. The Super Bowl will also have a performance at half time and the 2 best teams in the NFL will play the big match.

Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk- 17th February 

This will be the biggest Boxing match in 2024 and it will be held in Saudi Arabia after the very successful event they had last year. This will be a contest between the 2 best Heavyweights in the world and it will be for the Undisputed Boxing Championship which will be the first since 1999. All the boxing fans would want to watch this bout.

Formula 1 World Championship 2024 - 2nd March to 8th December

This will be one of the biggest year long sporting Events of the year. This year will be special because there will be 24 races all throughout the year which will be the most in the history of Formula 1. They will race in every continent and lots of countries such as China, Australia, Japan, United States, UK, Bahrain, UAE, Austria, Netherlands, Italy etc. Check here 2024 F1 Calendar

WrestleMania 40 – 6th and 7th April

WrestleMania is easily one of the biggest Sporting Events of the year easily and it is the biggest WWE event of the year. Since the last 5 years it has been 2 nights and it has resulted in record ticket sales for WWE and lots of top celebrities are attending WrestleMania every year. The best WWE superstars as well as more than 1,60,000 fans attend the shows. WrestleMania is the Super Bowl for WWE fans

French Open 2024 – 19th May to 3rd June

The second Grand Slam of the year is the French Open and it will the Grand Slam with the most eyes on it. It will be the last French Open that Rafael Nadal will play and he will look to win his 15th French Open and get to a record that will be impossible to beat. Novak Djokovic will look to deny Nadal the fairytale farewell and young players like Carlos Alcaraz will look to make a mark

UEFA Champions League 2023-24 Final- 1st June

The biggest club football match of the year is also an important sporting event to look forward to. The teams that are in this competition try to get to the final and play this match. The 32 best club teams in Europe will give it their all to play at Wembley stadium in London on 1st June. 

ICC Men's T20I World Cup 2024 – 4th June to 30th June 

The ICC T20I World Cup will also be played in June and this edition will be played in the West Indies and USA. This will be the first ICC tournament that will have 20 teams taking part making it a true World Cup. All the teams will look to win the trophy and it will be good to see the lesser formidable teams in this tournament. 

Copa America 2024 - 14th June to 13th July

2024 will be the year where international football will make a comeback after the 2022 World Cup and 2 important tournaments will happen at the same time. First there will be the Copa America and the best teams of South America will fight to win the trophy and it will happen in the United States. Argentina Will look to win back to back titles.

UEFA Euro 2024- 14th June to 14th July

The UEFA Euro will also happen at the same time as the Copa America and In this tournament the 24 best nations in Europe will look to become champions of Europe. This tournament will happen in Germany and 10 stadiums in Germany will host this prestigious tournament. 

Tour De France 2024 – 29th June to 21st July

The most important cycling race Of the year will also happen from June to July. This race happens every year and the best cyclists around the world race around France and they will look to win this tournament and become the best in the world. This is a legacy race that the people around the world know about.

Wimbledon 2024 – 1st July to 14th July

The most important Grand Slam of the year will happen in the first half of July. This is the oldest Grand Slam and this tournament holds the most significance for tennis players around the world and all the players will look to win this Grand Slam. Carlos Alcaraz will look to retain his title and Novak Djokovic will look to win the crown baby.

The Paris Olympics 2024 – 26th July to 11th August

The most important sporting event of the year will be the Olympics which happens once every 4 years. The Olympics is the ultimate sporting test for all the athletes and more than 11,000 of the best from over 200 countries will descend into Paris to prove that they are the best in the world. The Olympics is also an event that brings all the people together.

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