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Space Colonisation | Event Betting At Satsport247

Satsport247 accepts online betting on sports and other events. Read about the colonisation of space and betting on a universal scale.

Ankit Kanaujia
Last updated: 22.01.2024
Space Colonisation | Event Betting At Satsport247

Betting On Space Colonisation Satsport247: Exploring Bets Related To The Potential Future Colonisation Of Other Planets

Betting is something that can really bring a cash prize even with a little luck. The field of betting is constantly evolving, and today bettors can predict events related not only to sports, but also to, for example, the colonisation of planets. Such predictions in India can be made at Satsport247 ( - the platform offers many different markets related to space exploration.

Prospects For Colonisation

Scientists, businessmen, politicians claim that it is possible to colonise space and take certain actions for this purpose. Recent studies have confirmed that growing plants in space conditions is feasible. Water supplies of various kinds are present almost everywhere. 3D printing will solve the problem of building houses on space objects. It will make it possible to erect buildings with protection from radiation, dangerous atmosphere.

Scientists have found that there are enough resources for a colony in outer space. First of all, it means water. From it, if there is energy, it is possible to obtain oxygen and fuel for power units.

A colony can serve as an answer to various questions, economic expectations. Also in outer space can work a laboratory that studies the universe through resources that come from Earth. It is research related to this area that betting platform Satsport247 allows you to bet.

Colonisation Plans

Today, space exploration technology is so advanced that one can think about opening a laboratory beyond Earth orbit. The closest to realisation is "Artemis", NASA's plan to colonise the Earth's satellite. According to this programme, an orbital station will be created on the Moon by 2028. On it, as on the ISS, astronauts will live, conduct research activities.

NASA does not give up its intention to create a permanently operating base on the Moon. This idea was considered as the main one, but due to problems with implementation it was postponed to a later date.

One of the prerequisites for the exploration of the Moon is the recent discovery of helium-3 isotope reserves. It can be used as fuel for spaceships and nuclear power plants. However, so far the industry is unable to work with such a resource. There is no reactor capable of maintaining temperatures of a million degrees for the necessary reaction. Even the extraction of helium-3 on a satellite of the Earth is still just a theory.

Be that as it may, the discovery of water reserves in the form of ice makes it possible, in theory, to create an autonomous laboratory. At least, scientists will be able to significantly reduce the cost of its content. Also found water can be used to make fuel directly in space, without delivering it from Earth.

Plans To Colonise The Solar System

In addition to the Earth's satellite and Mars, scientists plan to colonise the Asteroid Belt, Ceres. There are also plans to develop Jupiter's satellites - Europa, Calisto, Ganymede. It should be noted that in the case of the Earth's satellite and the red planet, mankind has already moved from theory to practice, while the development of other parts of the solar system is still only a theory.

According to NASA data published in 2003, Jupiter's satellites are the most promising in terms of colonisation. Callisto is located at a great distance from the planet, weakly exposed to radiation. Ganymede has a magnetosphere that provides protection from negative radiation effects.

On the same Europa, the radiation from Jupiter is strong, so an astronaut without special equipment will be exposed to radiation in as little as 10 minutes. However, researchers are already considering special dwellings that protect against radiation. Scientists are also considering creating an air bubble under a thick layer of ice to protect against radiation.

If we talk about other objects in the solar system, they are too difficult to colonise. In addition to protection from radiation, they would need to be supplied with everything they need, including large amounts of water.

Taking into account the speed of space exploration, especially over the last decade, most enthusiasts claim that as early as 2100, humans will land on one of the objects shown above. Scientists believe that by the next century, a third colony will be established, after the lunar and Martian colonies. A user from India can make his prediction if he logs on to the betting site Satsport247 and deposits his account.

Brief Overview Of The Satsport247

It is at Satsport247 that many Indian bettors prefer to predict events regarding space colonisation. This is due to the advantages that the platform provides to users. Chief among them is the wide selection of markets. The listings on the Satsport247 platform are characterised by the following:

  • Diverse outcomes;

  • High Quotes;

  • Small margin.

The company offers those who made their first deposit a large starting bonus. It is equal to 100% of the payment, but does not exceed 10,000 INR. In order to receive the bonus, you only need to deposit at least 500 INR on your balance. In addition, the platform has other promotional offers that allow you to receive freebets and other bonuses.

Making financial transactions is unlikely to be difficult even for a beginner. You can make payments using payment methods popular in India such as:

  • Bank cards;

  • UPI;

  • PhonePe.

It is important that the company promptly pays out winnings. A bettor who has successfully predicted an event related to space colonisation will not have to wait long for the withdrawal to be completed.

More information about one of India's most popular platforms can be found by reading the Satsport247 review - it covers the key features of the site and mobile app. After that, you can go to the site or install the app, register, log in to your profile and deposit - the company is licensed, so it is guaranteed to withdraw winnings.

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