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WWE Raw Royal Rumble 2024 Go Home Show Results

Check out the WWE Raw Royal Rumble 2024 Go Home Show Results. There were big matches as well as promo segments that were top class.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 24.01.2024
WWE Raw Royal Rumble 2024 Go Home Show Results

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The WWE Raw Go Home Show for the Royal Rumble 2024 is In the books and this was one of the best home shows in a long time. This show did exactly what it needed to do and that is build the hype around the Royal Rumble even more and it did just that. There were big matches as well as promo segments that were top class. The 2024 Royal Rumble is just a few days away on Saturday. 

Let’s look at the Results of the WWE Raw Go Home Show for Royal Rumble

Seth Rollins gives an injury update and confronts Gunther

The show started with the World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins who came in the ring and he was going to give an update on his knew injury. He got injured in the match against Jinder Mahal last week and fans have been hoping for the best. He told the fans that he has a Grade 2 MCL tear and a Meniscus tear as well. WrestleMania will be touch and go for Seth Rollins. Then Gunther came out to confront the champion and this was a big deal. Gunther was very respectful of Seth Rollins in a heelish way. He hoped Seth Rollins would make it to WrestleMania and if Gunther won the Royal Rumble he would choose Seth Rollins. This was a great start to the show


Kofi Kingston challenges Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship next week

The next important thing that happened on Raw was between Kofi Kingston vs Gunther. Earlier in the night it was The New Day vs Imperium but the match was a no contest. In this segment it was Kofi Kingston and Jey Uso chatting and Kofi Kingston said that he will challenge Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship at Raw next week. Gunther is approaching 600 days as the Intercontinental Champion and Kofi wants to not let him get there.

Nia Jax, Becky Lynch and Bayley get at it before Royal Rumble 

The 3 favorites to win the Women’s Royal Rumble were then in the ring and it was back and forth between them on the mic and each of them said that they will win the Women’s Royal Rumble. Then it came to blows and it was Nia Jax who came out in top. These 3 women have been heavily featured on the build to the match. Damage Ctrl will be a big part of that story as well.

Cody Rhodes and CM Punk have the segment of the year

It was perhaps the most anticipated thing on Raw tonight and it more than surpassed the expectations. It was the promo exchange between Cody Rhodes and CM Punk. The fans were cheering for both of them. They were 50-50 and both were enjoying this moment. They were first very respectful towards each other and then they dialed it up and went bar for bar on the microphone. They had a promo segment for 14 minutes and all the fans were glued to every word they said. They sold the Royal Rumble and made it absolutely must see and cannot miss.

Drew McIntyre beat Damian Priest

It was the main event of the show and it was between Drew McIntyre vs Damian Priest. This was a very good match and both men gave it their all in the ring. It was a 20 minute match and it looked like either man could win. R Truth tried to help Damian Priest but he accidentally cost Damian Priest the match and now Priest was mad at Truth. The go home show of Raw was over and Royal Rumble awaits everyone

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