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WWE SmackDown Preview, 2nd Feb 2024: A Night of Confrontations and Decision Making on SmackDown

The episode of SmackDown on 2nd February 2024 will be one of the most important episodes in recent history. Take a look at the Preview for WWE SmackDown.

Harsh Chopra
Last updated: 02.02.2024
WWE SmackDown Preview 2nd Feb 2024

The next episode of SmackDown on 2nd February 2024 will be one of the most important episodes in recent history. This will be the post Royal Rumble show and this show will have both Cody Rhodes and Bayley. They will choose their WrestleMania opponents and it has been stacked with stars from the present and the future. This episode of SmackDown will take place in Birmingham Alabama.

Let’s look at the Preview for WWE SmackDown which will be held on 2nd February 2024 from Birmingham Alabama.

Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes come face to face

It has been advertised that both Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes will be at the show. Roman Reigns will be here after defending the championship at the Royal Rumble. Cody Rhodes will be there after winning the Royal Rumble back to back. Roman Reigns will first gloat and then he will tell Cody Rhodes to choose Seth Rollins but in the end Cody Rhodes will choose Roman Reigns for WrestleMania 40. This will be one of the most important segments on the show.

Logan Paul will be at the show

After one of the most creative DQ finishes to win a match , Logan Paul will say that he has beaten Kevin Owens. He will say that there is no one left for him to face and then Kevin Owens will confront him and they will have another United States Championship match at Elimination Chamber. Logan Paul has been one of the best acquisitions in recent WWE history and he will bring in the viewers every time he wrestles.

Bayley will announce her WrestleMania 40 Decision

Not only will Cody Rhodes be there but the winner of the Women’s Royal Rumble Bayley will also be there along with Damage Ctrl in full strength. Bayley will have to make a decision and everyone in Damage Ctrl thinks it is going to be Rhea Ripley. However, something will happen and Bayley will be compelled to choose Iyo Sky and challenge her for the WWE Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 40. This could be the best segment of the show.

Bron Brekmer, Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams all set to appear

This SmackDown will not only see the present battle it out but the future of WWE will also be present at this show. These 3 are the biggest NXT Superstars and not all of them will be called up as Shawn Michaels will not allow that to happen. Bron will most likely get called up to SmackDown and Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams will be present to hype up NXT Vengeance Day. This will be a big test for all 3 men and how the crowd reacts to each of them.

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