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5 possible future United States Champion in WWE

Defeating Jeff Hardy to grab title would be extremely difficult. One needs to be extremely skillful to give Hardy a neck to neck competition

Last updated: 28.05.2018
5 possible future United States Champion in WWE | Sports Social Blog

The United States Championship was established first in 1979. The title is hosted in SmackDown and is the secondary title after the WWE Championship. The current United States Champion is Jeff Hardy, who is in his first reign. Hardy is a wrestler who loves to do 'extreme' actions and would go to any length to defend his title.

Defeating Jeff Hardy to grab the title would be extremely difficult. One needs to be extremely skillful to give Hardy a neck to neck competition. The current roster of SmackDown consists of some extremely talented wrestlers who can perhaps match the wrestling standards of Jeff Hardy.

These wrestlers if given a proper chance, could become the next United States Champion in WWE -

5. Big Cass

Big Cass is certainly the most trending superstar in the WWE today. He is a 7' monster who has annihilated several players in the past. Cass has been highly impressive in NXT and his story-lines and feuds with Enzo Amore were loved by the crowd. His wrestling talents and his in-ring potentials are enormous. He recently smashed the hell out of Daniel Bryan.

Cass is yet to face Jeff Hardy in WWE. Cass has also not won any Champions so far. If he faces Jeff Hardy for the tile, it will be an epic contest to witness. Both of them possess a 'never give up' attitude and this match would be no less than a dream match for both of them.

4. Big E

Big E is undoubtedly the most talented member of 'The New Day'. He is a former two time RAW Tag Team Champion, two times SmackDown Tag Team Champion and also a former Intercontinental Champion. In NXT, he won the NXT Championship once. He can entertain the audience like no one else. Whether it is eating pancakes or spanking his opponents, Big E knows the trick to enter into the audience's mind.

Big E versus Jeff Hardy would be an epic contest. Both of them are crowd favorites, and the fans would be in a split as whom to root for. Big E is 285lbs and he is a champion material. We hope to see him as the next US Champion in WWE as soon as possible.

3. Andrade Cien Almas

Almas is the biggest wrestling superstar in Japan in recent history. In NJPW he defeated some of the biggest players in the organization and became the IWGP IC Champion. In WWE, he is a former NXT Champion. He recently made his debut on SmackDown. Almas has made his intentions clear, he will climb to the top of this organization at any cost.

His initial step would be to capture the US title. He can make a huge statement if he wins the US Championship from Jeff Hardy. It won't be easy, but for him, it is not impossible either. If WWE provides him with the right opportunity he can become the future United States Champion.


2. Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura is the best villain in WWE at present. He won the 2018 Royal Rumble match and headlined to WrestleMania. He is also a former NXT Champion. Nakamura's kicks are his assets and he can utilize it upon wrestlers of varying size. He has taken down wrestlers like John Cena, AJ Styles, Randy Orton and several others. However, Nakamura is yet to win the United States Champion.

Nakamura and Hardy are both extremely athletic players. Both of them possess unique agility and can defeat anyone on their day. If Hardy and Nakamura face-off, it would be nothing short of an explosion inside the ring. Nakamura can become the next United States Champion in WWE.

1.Samoa Joe

This man is perhaps the most destructive superstar on SmackDown today. He can put anyone to sleep with his coquina clutch. His massive physique along with his flexibility has helped him to become a global star. He has a fan following all across the globe. Samoa Joe can very well become a future United States Champion.

Whether it is Jeff Hardy or anyone else in the future, it would be a cakewalk for Joe to defeat him and walk out as the US Champion. He has the ability to become the longest reigning US Champion ever in WWE's history. It is just a matter of time before he snatches the title and wears it around his waist.

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