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Top 5 Chicago Bulls best draft picks of all time

The Chicago Bulls, one of the most recognizable teams in NBA history, had several outstanding draft choices that were essential to their success. Check out top 5 Chicago Bulls best draft picks of all time.

Last updated: 28.05.2023
Chicago Bulls best draft picks of all time

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The Chicago Bulls, one of the most recognizable teams in NBA history, had several outstanding draft choices that were essential to their success. These selections have not only left a lasting impression on the Bulls franchise but have also made a big impact on the league. Unless they make the playoffs and finish in the top four of the 2023 draft order, the Bulls must give the Magic their first-round selection. The selection becomes a top-four protected first-rounder in 2024 if it is not transmitted in 2023; if it is not conveyed then, it becomes a second-rounder in 2026 and 2027. The top five Chicago Bulls' draft choices of all time will be discussed in this article.


Michael Jordan



The third overall choice in the 1984 NBA Draft, Michael Jordan, irrevocably altered the game of basketball and propelled the Chicago Bulls to unmatched heights. The Bulls won six NBA titles in the 1990s because of Jordan's outstanding abilities, tenacity, and basketball prowess. His influence on the Bulls and the league as a whole is immense, and he is considered the best basketball player of all time.


Scottie Pippen


The Chicago Bulls' decision to choose Scottie Pippen as the fifth overall choice in the 1987 NBA Draft turned out to be a brilliant one. Pippen was essential to the team's success because of his adaptability, defensive brilliance, and capacity to support Jordan. One of the most fearsome teams in NBA history, Pippen and Jordan helped the Bulls win six titles. Pippen was one of the best draft selections for the Bulls thanks to his all-around ability and priceless services.

Derrick Rose


The Chicago Bulls' selection of Derrick Rose as the first choice in the 2008 NBA Draft sparked a resurgence of optimism and excitement. In 2011, Rose, recognized for his exciting style of play and explosive agility, became the NBA MVP's youngest winner ever. He won over fans with his speed, agility, and dominating play, which put the Bulls back in the running. Rose's career in Chicago was cut short by injury, but his contribution to the club and the community is still recognized.


Horace Grant


The tenth overall selection of Horace Grant in the 1987 NBA Draft was crucial to the Bulls' success in the 1990s. Jordan and Pippen needed Grant's toughness, defensive acumen, and ability to rebound the ball. He was well-known for his diligence and commitment to the success of the club and played a crucial role in the Bulls' first three championship campaigns. One of the best selections in Bulls history, Grant contributes on both sides of the court.


Jimmy Butler


The Bulls' talent for unearthing undiscovered talents is demonstrated by their selection of Jimmy Butler as the 30th overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft. Butler's dedication, defensive ferocity, and work ethic propelled him to fame. He developed into an All-Star and was crucial in guiding the Bulls to several postseason berths. Butler is among the finest draft selections for the Chicago Bulls because of his leadership skills and capacity to make an effect on games from both ends of the floor.

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