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LeBron James Top 5 Angry Moments

LeBron James has displayed a range of powerful emotions both in-game and during post-game interviews. Take a look here at his top 5 angry moments.

Last updated: 07.07.2023
LeBron James Top 5 Angry Moments

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Basketball player LeBron James presently plays for the Los Angeles Lakers in the National Basketball Association. In Akron, Ohio, he was born on December 30, 1984. James is regarded as one of the all-time best basketball players alongside Michael Jordan among others. He has captured two Olympic gold medals, four NBA MVP Awards, and four NBA titles. James has also received 13 selections to the All-NBA First Squad and 18 selections to the NBA All-Star Squad.

LeBron has displayed a range of powerful emotions both in-game and during post-game interviews. He has been in the league for over 19 seasons, and you would assume that playing in that many games, there would be times when tensions would get heated and he would be involved in some scuffles. Following are some of the most heated moments involving King James:

● LeBron James vs Enes Kanter


When the Cavaliers faced the Knicks in November 2017, James and Kanter got into their most famous altercation. During the game, Kanter and James got into a furious argument, with Kanter seeming to take offence at something James said. Later, in a post-game interview, Kanter declared that he would not permit anyone to "talk trash" about his squad or his nation.

James said he would not allow Kanter to use his platform to spread hatred in response to his remarks, and the two continued to argue in the media.


● LeBron James vs Mirza Teletovic

The King was viewed as the bad guy when he starred for the Miami Heat in 2014. Mirza Teletovic, a forward, encircled James' shoulders during a fastbreak effort against the Brooklyn Nets to thwart an easy layup attempt. Naturally, LeBron took offence to that, and Teletovic made fun of James.


● LeBron James vs Nazr Mohammed

During Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals in 2013, when James was a member of the Miami Heat and Mohammed was a member of the Chicago Bulls, there was a short physical confrontation between LeBron James and Nazr Mohammed. Mohammed fouled James in the second period of the contest, causing James to go to the ground. The two players then engaged in shoving after Mohammed loomed over James and James shoved Mohammed away. James was pushed to the ground in response, earning Mohammed a technical penalty and forcing him to leave the game.


● LeBron James vs Draymond Green

There were some heated exchanges during the NBA Finals when the Cavaliers and Warriors played each other for four consecutive years, although both two are now regarded as close pals thanks to Green's affiliation with Klutch. James attempted to manoeuvre around a Green barrier, causing Green to fall to the ground. Green took offence when James attempted to step over him and gave him a quick tap as James passed. Even though the Warriors ultimately prevailed and took a 3-1 lead, Green was banned for the following contest, and the rest, as we all know, is history.


● LeBron James vs James Harden

James and Harden had the ball wrapped for a jump ball in the same contest versus the Houston Rockets. During the struggle for the ball, Harden fell to the ground and kicked James away by striking James in the groin. However, now it seems the relationship between the two is fine.

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