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KIA NBA MVP Ladder – 2021-22

As we enter the holiday season, the season of the NBA is turning out to be spicier than we expected. Here's the list of Top 5 in the latest rankings of the NBA MVP Ladder.

Last updated: 11.12.2021
KIA NBA MVP Ladder 2021-22

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As we enter the holiday season, the season of the NBA is turning out to be spicier than we expected. With Golden State Warriors leading the pack for the NBA regular season standings, Chicago Bulls, Brooklyn Nets are slowly rising through the power rankings as the season moves ahead. 

Here’s is the list of Top 5 in the latest rankings of the NBA MVP Ladder:

5. Chris Paul – Phoenix Suns


Current Stats – Games – 25, Points Per Game – 14.4, Assists – 10.2, Rebounds – 3.9, Steals – 2

A game-changer for every franchise, CP3 is back in the Top 5 of the NBA Rankings. The 36-year-old vet has been on a rise this season and leading the 17-game unbeaten streak for the Phoenix Suns. Chris Paul leads the NBA in the Assists and No.3 in steals per game. He has been the major factor in leading the Phoenix Suns No.1 in Offensive Efficiency in clutch time. Phoenix Suns rank No.2 in defensive rating and No.1 in net ratings in the league. Will CP3 win his 1st ever MVP if the Phoenix Suns land up No.1 seed in the Western Conference? It will be worth watching as the season progresses.

4. Nikola Jokic – Denver Nuggets

Current Stats – Games Played – 20, Points Per Game – 26.1, Rebounds – 13.4, Assists – 7.2, Steals – 1.2

One of the two players in the NBA who are averaging 25+ points and 10+ rebounds, the defending MVP, Nikola Jokic has been single-handedly leading the Nuggets franchise from the start of the season. With Jamal Murray still recovering from his ACL tear and Michael Porter is out for the season due to his back surgery, MVP Jokic has back to his all-around best and Nuggets are niggling around the 8th seed as the season stands.

3. Giannis Antetokounmpo – Milwaukee Bucks

Current Stats – Games – 24, Points Per Game – 27.6, Rebounds – 11.8, Assists – 5.7, Blocks – 1.7

The 2020-21 Finals MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo has not stopped and will not be stopped it seems. Shaqesue has had domination in the paint for the last 5 years. Alongside Jokic, Giannis is the only player to average 25+ points and 10+ Assists for the season. With the Bucks suffering a lot due to health and safety protocols, the squad is failed to stay healthy, but Giannis is leading the Bucks and is above .500 for the season. He passed Alton Lister for the player with the most blocks in the Bucks NBA history and is Top 10 in Scoring (No.3), Rebound (No.6), and Blocks (No.10) for the season.

2. Kevin Durant – Brooklyn Nets

Current Stats – Games – 24, Points Per Game – 28.5, Rebounds – 7.6, Assists – 5.4, Field Goal % - 53%

EasyMoneySniper a.k.a Kevin Durant has been in the Top 2 of the NBA Ladder since the start of the season and has not looked back. As in the previous blogs, the drama around Nets has still not been solved, but KD just likes to ball out whenever he is on the court. There is no doubt that Nets will finish Top 3 in the Eastern Conference, but will it be enough to take them through to be eventual NBA Champs? This shall be one to watch.

1. Stephen Curry – Golden State Warriors

Current Stats – Games Played – 24, Points Per Game – 27.5, Rebounds – 5.5, Assists – 6.3, Steals – 1.8

The Golden State Warriors are back and it is Steph Curry who has been on a tear. He is just 10 Three-Pointers away from breaking Ray Allen’s record of most 3’s made in the History of the Game, and the interesting stat here is, he has played half of the games of what Ray Allen has played in order to achieve this feat. With the current active roster, Warriors are No.1 in the stacked Western Conference, and with comebacks of Klay Thompson and James Wiseman, is there stopping for the Golden State Warriors?

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