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A career in sports journalism: For those who eat sleep and breathe sports

In this blog, we will look at what sports journalism is all about. Skills required, best colleges, salary, career prospects, it's future in India, challenges, and more!

Last updated: 24.05.2020
A career in sports journalism | Sports Social Blog

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With thousands of players being involved in the various sports all over the globe, the sheer interest of people in sports-related activities is growing every day. They are not only interested in watching the sports, but in knowing all the different details about their favourite stars, that is, their daily activities, likes and dislikes, etc. And here emerges the role of a sports journalist who comes with a passion for sports and a keen eye for writing. His job is to present the latest updates of different sports and players by presenting it in a manner that is not only catchy but precise and apt.


In India, sports journalism has caught up in a big way after the introduction of various franchises based leagues relating to cricket, football, badminton, hockey, wrestling, and kabaddi. Sports has always been an important section in newspapers, magazines, television and on the radio. Over the years, this industry has grown multi-folds not only in India but across the globe too.



In pic: sports journalist in action during a live event


Here we will look at skills required, career prospects and the different types, best colleges, expected packages, future in the country, and challenges that a sports journalist faces in this industry:


Skills required:


To be a sports journalist, you need to develop the skills listed below:


-   keen interest in the game

-   Great observation skills

-   Patience and tact

-   An eye for accuracy

-   Willingness to travel frequently and irregular work hours

-   Capability to work under pressure

-   Research skills

-   Good communication skills

-   Curiosity

-   Strong word processing


Once you have acquired the relevant qualifications, you can join a media house as a sports journalist. Many journalists work independently with multiple media houses. With some experience, you can broadcast your own editorials. That, however, takes time in building traffic.


Career Prospects and different type of roles:


Although sports journalism is itself a specialized area in journalism, there are further segregations within this field. Some examples of sports journalist jobs are:



A sportswriter is that individual who engages himself in writing features and articles that is published across media outlets and sports columns. Sports channels also demand writers to formulate a script for their show and to put forward interesting content that is going around in the sports industry.


Sports Reporter:

The primary job of a sports reporter is to be present at the sports venue and report from ground zero. Connecting information, and covering the events live or recording it for future reference. Intriguing interviews of both players and coaches are the most valuable and exciting features of a sports journalist.


Sports Anchor:


Like any Television or radio show host, a sports show anchor is in charge of reporting the various stories to the audience on screen or behind the microphone. The profile demands a good communication skill matched with confidence to face the camera.


Sports Editor:

These journalists are mostly senior in the profession. They assign and edit stories on sports and athletes. It is their responsibility to maintain a professional network with the sportswriters and journalists in the sports industry. They work closely with the marketing and sales department of the media house and are involved in all the key decisions within the company.


Best colleges for Sports journalism in India:


Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC)

Location: New Delhi

Fees: 1.60 lakhs

Average package: 3-4 LPA


Lady Shri Ram College for Women (LSR)

Location: New Delhi

Fees: 81.75 thousand

Average package: 6-8 LPA


Delhi College of Arts and Commerce (DCAC)

Location: New Delhi

Fees: 35.50 thousand

Average package: 2-3 LPA


Film and Television Institute of India (FTII)

Location: Pune

Fees: 1.29 lakhs

Average package: 2.5-3.5 LPA


Indraprastha College for women (IP College)

Location: New Delhi

Fees: 2.30 lakhs

Average package: 3-4 LPA


AJK Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia University

Location: New Delhi

Fees: 86.02 thousand

Average package: 4-5 LPA


Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, BHU

Location: Varanasi

Fees: 30.00 thousand

Average package: 3-4 LPA


In pic: Mayanti Langer, India's prominent sports anchor and reporter


Sports Journalism future in India:


There is a sports column in every newspaper and magazine. In fact, many people start reading them from the end just because of the sports section there. And news channels spend significant time in their air-time to broadcast the news about sports. People in India are not just interested in reading about sports, but this section has a universal appeal in the country. India is going to be the next hotspot of the sports industry in the world and the time is just right to explore a career in this field. Some prominent sports journalists of the country are Ayaz Menon, Mayanti Langer, KN Prabhu, Harsha Bhogle, and Vimcy.


Challenges of the sports journalism career:


We have talked about the perks of being a career in sports journalism. Everyone believes that sports journalists have a perfect job. Nevertheless, this is not the case. There are a few challenges in this profession too. Sports Journalists have to travel a lot in their career. Although it may seem exciting initially later it takes a toll on the journalist. Additionally, they have to work on weekends and holidays if there are any sports matches to cover


So for passionate sports lovers, this career has loads of opportunities and a good life lies ahead. Lots of travelling, meeting the players and covering their stories. A good life indeed!


Note: the average salaries mentioned above are tentative and may vary from year to year.

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