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Types of jobs and best jobs after Sports Management degree

For those budding and aspiring Sports managers in India, we bring you the best jobs that you can land after completing your degree in Sports Management.

Last updated: 01.07.2020
Best Jobs after Sports Management | Sports Social Blog

Sports is an interesting time pass to many around the world, but if it is someone's passion, it could lead to being a very rewarding and prosperous career. The introduction of professional sports leagues and tournaments of several games has led to a spike in interest around sports-related careers around the world. This provides the sports fans who are aspirants as well as with the right avenues to land their dream job. Sports Management is such a fulfilling and rewarding job career in India. 

Sports Athletes are the face of Sports but several professionals are working behind the scenes to make the tournament or team successful. This is where sports managers come in. 

For those budding and aspiring Sports managers in India, we bring you the best jobs that you can land after completing your degree in Sports Management.

If you are new to Sports Management check out here the beginner's guide to sports management.  


Athlete Administrator:

Athletic Administrators are often the main decision-makers in sports organizations and clubs. They are responsible for supervising almost everything that happens within the organization, team, or club. Anything from ordering types of equipment to hiring and firing staff like the HR manager role can fall within their wings.


Athletic Coach & Director:

Coaches and Directors are the ones who get to lead the team or organization on the ground. The coaches guide the team during the games and manage all tactical and statistical aspects of the team/individual. The role of the Director is to take care of everything after the role of the coach. The director acts as the main representative of the team or a club.


Contract Negotiation Manager & Administrator:

A contract negotiation manager’s role is to take care of the contracts and the negotiations of the players the team or club want to buy. They negotiate on behalf of the team to the player or his agent and also discuss the deal with another club. He/She takes care of the wages and transfer fee of the player.


Event Manager:

An event manager is an organized and dynamic professional that oversees all the important aspects that go into effectively promoting, executing, and broadcasting a sporting event. Often acting as a bridge between fans and management, event coordinators help to create a lively, engaging environment and ensure that the event is a great experience for all the viewers and fans.


Financial Analyst:

Financial Analysts are experts in the financial aspects of the game. As the coronavirus pandemic is going on and many sports teams are suffering due to the financial strains of the pandemic, teams will be looking for someone who can bail them out of the conundrum. These analysts analyze previous revenues and earnings and prepare plans according to the budget allocated to the team.


Fitness Manager:

The role of a fitness manager is to take care of the fitness of the players on a sports team. Fitness managers help players during training sessions and pre-game sessions. During the lockdown, various fitness managers were allocated to help players through video conferencing.


Operations Manager:

Operations managers are leaders in this field of maintaining and improving an athletic venue from the available resources. Operations managers are also responsible for managing construction contractors, hiring employees, organising ticket sales and entry into the venue, and taking care of the emergency response plans.


Public Relations Manager:

The public relations manager makes sure that fans of the team or club have a good experience from every member of a venue’s staff. Additionally, they also coordinate with the employees to ensure that everyone adheres to the policies of the organisation. Whenever any disputes or difficulty arises, the PR manager takes the lead in finding a resolution quickly.


Sales Coordinator:

The role of a sales coordinator is to take care of the sales team by filing important documents, managing schedules and communicating the necessary information. They also ensure the sufficiency of sales-related material. Additionally, they also have to respond to complaints from customers and provide whenever necessary.


Sports Agent:

A sports agent works for a team or an individual. Their primary job is to find the best deal for their team/player. They also negotiate on behalf of the individual during transfers in sports. They often handle the PR team, endorsements, taxes, image rights, finances, etc. They often have good relations with different teams.


Sports Lawyer:

The job of a sports lawyer is to represent their clients/players/teams in criminal, civil, and other legal proceedings. They also draw legal documents and manage their players on legal transactions. They may specialize in a single field or they may practice law in a broader aspect.

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