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A career as a sports coach: everything that you need to know about the job profile

Here is your guide for everything related to a career as a sports coach. Roles and responsibilities, skills required, best colleges, salary, career prospects and more!

Last updated: 29.05.2020
Career as Sports Coach | Sports Social Blog

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Sports Coach is a professional who helps to develop the abilities of his trainee in his resource field which may be life, business, health, career and above all the game. Sports Coaching as a career is spreading at a fast pace owing to the increased importance that it has received not only in India but abroad too. And this career field has come a long way. Many young sports enthusiasts are also seeking this job profile in addition to their more experienced colleagues. 

The role of a coach has become quite important and lucrative too. A lot of glamour has also been attached to this field at a higher level because of the involvement of mass media in the sports events. For a young student in this field, it requires a lot of hard work and effort but at the same time offers enormous scope for building one's career. So, what does a sports coach do?

Roles and responsibilities of a sports coach


Sports coaches are responsible for getting their respective teams and individuals ready to compete and even guide them through the event. Extra duties may also include recruiting players, developing the game strategy and reaching important skills of the sports. For a team of several individuals, the coach must maintain a healthy relationship with all the players in order to be more effective with his strategies. It is in the hands of the coaches to polish raw talent right from a young age and lead to their wholesome development. They are the ones who face the wrath from the top management if the results are not satisfactory enough. 

Skills required for a sports coach

  • Sports coaches must be enthusiastic about the particular sports

  • They must have excellent communication skills, and the ability to inspire confidence and motivate participants

  • They must possess great interpersonal and team-building ability: enthusiasm, flexibility and patience

  • They should have the ability to assess and solve problems

  • They should have good organizational skills

How to become a sports coach?

Although there is no formal qualification required for the aspirants who themselves have played the same or related sports up to a considerable level. Former players or senior players can get the job straight away as assistant coaches owing to their experience and knowledge in the sport. With some experience, they may be alleviated to the head coach role too. However, those aspirants who have a non-playing background but are energetic and have knowledge about the sports should get basic training before entering this field. 

These aspirants should join a Bachelor's degree in sports coaching course which is offered at various universities and colleges across the country. After completing these three years, of course, one can either go for a coaching assignment in a school or a club sports team or can opt for a master's degree in Sports coaching. There are a number of colleges who offer Diploma in sports coaching.

This leads us to the most important part of all.

Best colleges for a career in sports coaching in India:

Here is the list of top colleges along with its location, course offered, and fee structure:

Netaji Subhash National Institute for Sports

Location: Montibagh, Patiala, Punjab

Course offered: Diploma in Sports Coaching

Fee structure: 27,625

National Sports East Centre, Salt Lake City

Location: Calcutta, West Bengal

Course offered: Diploma in Sports coaching

Fee structure: 45,225

Tripura University

Location: Tripura

Course offered: B. Phy. Ed.

Fee structure: 88,000

University of Delhi

Location: New Delhi

Course offered: B. Phy. Ed.

Fee structure: 59,345

Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Sciences

Location: New Delhi

Course offered: B.Sc. (Health and P. Ed. & Sports)

Fee structure: 29,568

Salary Prospects:

As far as pay packages and salaries are concerned, sports coaches can earn anything from 25,000 to 30,000 per month in some good institutions to start with. A result-oriented coach can get the best out of his players as well as his employers. Few luckier ones can also join some international players or team and add some foreign currency to his bank account.

Career prospects in India:

Here are some career prospects in India as a career in sports coaching:

  • There are enormous opportunities in private as well as public sector sports organizations, clubs, schools, College teams, and players.

  • Highly acclaimed coaches can get jobs with national and international teams, clubs, and players.

  • Coaches can also open their own academies with the financial aid provided by corporate houses and state and central governments.

And in a country like India, coaches are one of the most respected professions. The satisfaction level reported in most of the coaches in the country is found to be immense. And with enough expertise, it can be rewarding too!

Note: the fee structures mentioned above are tentative and are in compliance with the current scenario.

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