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A career as a sportsperson in India: is it a viable option?

In this blog, we will dig into the life of a sportsperson and discuss the skills, career prospects, pros, and cons for sports as a career option in India!

Last updated: 31.05.2020
A career as a sportsperson in India | Sports Social Blog

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Every second individual has an inclination towards sports. At one point in time, we all wanted to be a sportsperson. We all wanted to become a cricketer, a footballer, a basketball player, a wrestler, or a skater, etc. So, what happened?

Remember that special cricket match that you watched with your father? Or the Premier League match that you and your friends watched together? Or that gold medal match at the Olympics? With the hopes and dreams of people and nation at stake. The excitement, the anticipation, and the thrill of the audience. The true test of fitness and presence of mind. From the very beginning of time, sports and sportspersons have received a heightened stature in society. Even today as the internet and marketing has filled us with sports-based memes, the spirit of sportsmanship lives on. 


It takes a great deal of commitment and dedication in pursuing the field of sports. Pain is an understatement and the labour is unending. But the sweet taste of victory is worth it all. But the life of a sportsperson is more of a roller-coaster ride in a country like India. You have to face challenges at every step of your journey. But if you have it in you, the country certainly needs more heroes.

What does it take to be a sportsperson?

To put it frankly, sports is that one sphere that takes everyone in without any distinction. Of course, not everyone can stand the challenges. Not everyone is a born athlete. Some give up at the very first step. But with the right amount of diligence, discipline, practice, and raw hard-work, anyone can pursue a career in sports.

In a normal football or a hockey game, a player on an average runs for about 9.5 miles. Even Badminton and table tennis players cover over 2 miles throughout the game. In order to be able to perform the same way every day, sportspersons follow a rigorous routine. Some key features for the development of a sportsperson are: 

  • Diet

  • Training

  • Physical exercise

  • Practice routines

  • Competitions

There are a lot of things that athletes can't control in sports like weather conditions and their opponents. Ultimately, the only thing that they can control is themselves. 

In Pic: Cricket Player in a training sessions

How to become a sports person?

If you feel your true calling is on the field (or the court) and that is where you truly perform to the best of your abilities, then sports is where you belong. Pursue this interest in the sport that you love and turn it into your dedicated lifestyle and then start training for the same. 

While some start from early childhood, others start after high school or intermediate. It's never too late but being early will benefit you in the long run. You should apply for a bachelor's degree in some sports-related field and should know how to manage it. Academics should not disrupt your training schedule. 

Due to the increasing number of sports and sportspersons in India, most cities today have the proper infrastructure. Some of these are even governed by the state and central government. Once you have enrolled yourself in an academy or stadium, your life becomes highly disciplined and a regulated one. Begin right from the tedious warm-ups to long hours of practice. You've got to give everything in terms of physical strength and stamina. Take part in local, district, and state competitions until you are finally ready for the nationals. Alongside, the sports gear and equipment will also matter up to some extent. But ultimately, it's your determination that matters.

Must-read books and study materials for a successful career as a sportsperson:

It is very important for candidates to read about top sportspersons, their achievements, and their understanding of the game. This will help them to understand the hurdles that lie ahead of them in this journey and make crucial decisions. Mentioned below are the top books recommended for the aspirants of sports:

  • The Race is my Life by Milkha Singh

  • Playing it my way by Sachin Tendulkar and Boria Majumdar

  • Born again on the Mountain by Arunima Sinha

  • Straight from the heart; cricket; my style by Kapil Dev

  • No limits: the will to succeed by Michael Phelps

Pros of becoming a sportsperson:

  • You get to Play what your favourite sports all-day

  • Payscale is reasonably good

  • You get a social life that everyone desires for

  • If you are lucky enough, you get to play with the legends of the game

  • You get to see different parts of the world

Cons of becoming a sportsperson:

  • Once you are famous, you will not have a personal life. There will be photographers everywhere you go

  • Sometimes extensive traveling can become painful and exhaustive

So, if you are ready for the challenges, go ahead!

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